Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Last minute present ideas!

Christmas at the Citz is a special time. This year we have enjoyed having the community company singing in the foyer, hundreds of school children visiting and now lots of families coming through our doors.


There are still tickets available. Including Sunday performances this year, a festive Christmas Eve and lots of options before and after New Year (until 6 Jan).


We offer family tickets for Sleeping Beauty for groups of 2 adults and 2 children, from just £38.
Family Tickets can be booked in person or on the phone.


You can buy vintage posters and postcards featuring Artwork from the Archives, along with a Citz mug and canvas bag. These great stocking-fillers are available in the foyer or from our online store. Given the proximity to Christmas, please pop along to the foyer to get your presents in person.

Most items just £5!


Looking for a present for the person who has everything? Why not buy your loved one an experience this year? Our gift vouchers start at just £5 and make the perfect present, redeemable (online and at Box Office) against tickets for all productions throughout the year. Spring 2013 is on sale now!

Speak to Box Office for more details in person or call 0141 429 0022.

We hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Give £12 on 12/12/12

Today, 12/12/12, is the very last day of this century where the date will repeat. This repeated format won't happen again for another 89 years!

To celebrate this we thought we'd ask our audiences to make a donation of just £12 via You can choose to donate to our Seat Restoration Campaign or make a General Donation.
The Citizens Theatre is a registered Scottish Charity No SCO 01337 

If you donate £12 today, you will be entered into a draw to win:


On Sat 19 January at 7.30pm.

The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Think of it as one more Christmas present - we promise to spend this money improving our facilities, looking after one of Scotland's most important cultural icons and delivering some of the finest theatre and community activities in the country. All that for just £12!

Mashable has been talking about 12/12/12:

National Sound Check Day 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2?

"In Asian countries, where 12 is almost as lucky a number as 11, expectant mothers are once again booking themselves in for C-sections to ensure a fortuitous birth date for their progeny. According to numerology, anyone born on the 12th will be highly imaginative, quick-witted and artistic. And a triple 12 in your birthdate? Make of that what you will."

There's been a surge in wedding's booked for 12/12/12, today 51 couples will tie the knot at Gretna Green.

How will you mark today? 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Johnny Beattie In the Limelight

Earlier this year we were honored to host a very special tribute to Johnny Beattie here at the Citizens Theatre. A host of stars turned out to perform in a one-off evening of variety, a fitting tribute to one of Scotland's entertainment royalty, who was celebrating 60 years of showbiz.

Photo by Ken Torbet
Not only were there a great many recognisable faces on stage including Alan Cumming, Una McLean, Terry Neason, The Alexander Brothers, Maureen Beattie and the cast of River City - but a number of rather impressive friends recorded video tributes, which you can see below.

A documentary was made to commemorate this landmark anniversary and it will be aired tomorrow night at 8pm on BBC1 Scotland.

Tune in to see performances from the Citizens Theatre and see interviews about the great man.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Apply before xmas for Young Co. 2013

We are spoilt for choice here at the Citizens Theatre, but I can honestly say that one of my favourite pieces of theatre from this last year was This Is What We Ask by Young Co.

The piece created by members of the company originally for NTS Exchange looked at some of the issues faced by teenagers entering adulthood and was a sublime mix of drama, dance, movement and live music.

The show managed to move me and make me laugh, all whilst exuding a lot of cool.

It's shows like this, a brilliant camaraderie and an unrivaled opportunity to become part of the Citizens Theatre that makes Young Co. so hugely appealing.

Led by Community Drama Director Neil Packham, Young Co. is now looking for new members. You can apply now to be part of the company in 2013. From total newbies to experienced performers, we'd love you to be part of our company.

You can download full details of 2013 activities along with an application form on the Young Co. page on our website.

The deadline is 21 December, so make sure you act now before it's too late.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Here We Stay - videos

Filmed in Glasgow by participants of Here We Stay (mentored by Urbancroft); these 3 short films give you a glance at the diverse talent within this amazing multi-cultural group.

Celebrating the rich and diverse life stories of refugees and local residents in Glasgow; a community chorus of people from Iran, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Liberia, DR Congo, Zambia, Uganda, Somalia, Kurdistan, South Africa and Glasgow, will share evocative stories of their lives through song, spoken word and live music.

Here We Stay - a co-production with Scottish Refugee Council runs at the theatre before Glasgow Girls each night from 15-17 November. NB. It's already sold out, so returns only!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Robin Taudevin Photographic exhibition

During Glasgow Girls run at the Citizens Theatre, we will be hosting a photographic exhibition of images by the late Robin Taudevin. Featuring images of the real Glasgow Girls and other asylum seekers, you can find the exhibition in the corridor behind the stairs to the right of the foyer.

31 October - 17 November
This exhibition celebrates the 2005 to 2006 campaigns of the Glasgow Girls and the wider movement for the rights of asylum seekers. Robin’s photographs capture the passion and determination of the movement and the devastation the asylum system wreaks on individuals and communities. These photographs are as relevant today as they were 8 years ago: dawn raids and deportations are a constant threat, detention centres continue to operate and destitution amongst asylum seekers is rife. If ever there was a time to act it is now.

Photographs by
Robin Taudevin Born 14 March 1977 | Died 14 May 2006
Exhibition by Robin’s Fund
curated by Allison Julia Taudevin

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Meet our new Actor Interns - Lucy and Al


Since we are going to be in the building for the up coming season, we thought it would be best if we introduced ourselves. We are Lucy Hollis and Al Hankinson and we are the new Citizens Theatre graduate Acting Interns for the Autumn '12 - Spring '13 season. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to invite you, the audience, to share in our experience over the coming months by following our blog, 'A Season at the Citz'. The blog will hopefully give you a thorough insight into everything we get up to and learn during our time here. To help tempt you into reading our blog, we have come up with five easy questions to get you up to date with everything you will need to know:

1) Who are you?
We are two graduates from the BA Acting course at the RCS (formally RSAMD) who are lucky enough to be spending a season with the Citizens Theatre.

2) What does a graduate actor intern do?
It is esentially an actor apprentiship. We will be acting in all the Citizens produced shows over the next season, starting with Sleeping Beauty, as well as helping out about the building whenever possible.

3) Why should you follow our blog?
The blog will be a record of our time at the Citz. It will document everything and anything Citz related: from the excitement of rehearsals, to the long hours of the tech rehearsal. So if you've ever wondered what goes into producing the shows that end up on the main stage, this is the place for you. We will cover it all.

4) What makes your blog different?
We won't just be covering our time here. Once a month, we will interview a different department at the Citz. A plethora of people and departments keeps the building turning and we plan to interview them all. Up coming ones include marketing, box office, carpentry, wardrobe and the artistic director Dominic Hill.

5)Where can we find you?
Here: or through the link here on the Citz official blog.

[Ed. Posted on behalf on Lucy and Al who started Sleeping Beauty rehearsals this morning...I'm sure they'll update you soon.

You can also follow them on Twitter:

Thursday, 25 October 2012

50p tickets on sale this Saturday

You may have heard, but this Saturday we have the 2nd of our 3 Autumn ticket sales.

At 10am on Sat 27 October
100 50p tickets to Glasgow Girls will go on sale

The only catch is you need to show up in person to join the queue - as they are only available over the counter (no phone or online sales). Cash only! See website for more details.

We re-started the great Citz tradition of 50p tickets at the start of this year and every sale so far has sold out. The longest taking 35mins and the shortest just 22mins! 

Saturday is shaping up to be a bright, sunny but VERY COLD day, so please wrap up extra warm. It can get very chilly just standing in the one place and we want everyone to be happy. Our coffee bar will open at 9.30am, so hot cuppas and snacks will available at this point.

We'll be here, we hope you will too. See you on Saturday!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Medea Post Show Discussion - inc. Rachael Stirling

Tonight after Medea, there will be a FREE Post Show Discussion in the main auditorium.

We leave a short gap at the end for a comfort break or trip to the bar, but if you're here tonight, please head straight back in, to take part in a Q&A with members of the cast including lead actress Rachael Stirling!

The discussion will still be led by our Creative Learning Officer, Louise Brown.

See you there.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Latest Medea Reactions

Here's just a sample of some of the comments we've seen about Medea:

"In this brave and brilliant new version of the play...if the whole show seems to be walking a high-wire between breathtaking genius and complete absurdity, the sense of danger only makes the spectacle more exciting, and Rachael Stirling's central performance as Medea more thrilling to watch".
The Scotsman ★★★★★

Ruari Murchison's vivid set
"My god, it was mind blowing! It has to be the most powerful & spectacular show I have seen. I walked out into the Foyer & my mind was totally blowing away aha. Amazing peformance! Well done to all the actors & actresses ♥"
Facebook comment

"Diana Rigg gave an award-winning performance as Medea. I saw that production...and I can say with some conviction that her daughter, Rachael Stirling, gives a performance every bit as thrilling in the same role in this new production." 
The Times  ★★★★

"#Medea at @citizenstheatre - Mike Bartlett's new version like Euripides brought up on diet of Mike Leigh and Roman Polanski - powerful stuff"
Tweet by @MrAlanMorrison

Adam Levy and Rachael Stirling. Photos by Manuel Haran
“Stirling’s remarkable portrayal of the anti-heroine is simultaneously, disconcertingly erratic and frighteningly implacable.”

The Telegraph ★★★

"Fanbloodywelltastic and I hope to go again before the run finishes. Must see theatre. Mx"
Facebook comment

"Medea @citizenstheatre: Plays out surprisingly funny but reckons as it must in blood. A well-written, near televisual Tragedy for Today."
Tweet by @DavidMartinDMA
You can read more review quotes on the Medea page and see more social media reactions on Storify.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Mike Bartlett's thoughts on a modern day Medea.

“It’s very important to me that the audience should be able to engage with the production regardless of their knowledge of theatre or “the classics”. There are so many families going through situations like this – the play, of course, takes it to a tragic extreme…”

Taken from an interview by Al Senter, critically acclaimed writer and director Mike Bartlett  gives his thoughts on a modern day Medea.

With such ground-breaking plays as Earthquakes in London, Love Love Love and 13 under his belt Mike Bartlett is the boldest of today’s emerging generation of playwrights. Fresh from the filming The Town, his first work for television screened by ITV later this year, Mike has adapted the Greek classic Medea, but a Medea that promises to be unlike any other production of the play we have seen.

This Medea has travelled thousands of miles from its original location in Ancient Greece and fetched up on a British housing estate which Bartlett describes as "not dissimilar from the one where I grew up". Since much of Bartlett's recent work has been set in a dystopian near future, it seems something of a departure for him to turn to Classical Greece for inspiration.

Mike: Whenever I'd seen productions of the Greek classics, I'd admire the acting and the design but I'd always felt a disconnect between me and the plays. It was as if I had no access to them. So I wondered if it might be possible for me to take one of the plays and to make today's audience connect to it in the way that the Athenian public would have done, two and a half thousand years ago."

It could not have been an easy task to remove Medea, a play so integrated into the culture of its time, and to locate it convincingly in the everyday present of shopping malls and social media?

Mike: By setting it in the kind of environment which I know well, I suppose that I have put my own experience into the stuff of the piece and I think of it as less a version of Euripides than more of a new play of my own. At the same time, the beats and the rhythms of the play come straight from the original.

Medea in her kitchen
Rachael Stirling as Medea
Photography by Manual Harlan
Regrettably, newspaper headlines are often tragically occupied by accounts of family tragedies akin to the situation played out in Medea, when parents, faced with the breakdown of a marriage or a relationship, take a terrible revenge on their former partners.

Medea's actions, however horrific, have a grandeur that seems at odds with the domesticity of your chosen location?

Mike: Sometimes people we think we know well will do something that is wholly unpredictable. It is therefore much more likely that a figure such as Medea, very lonely and completely isolated, will behave in the way she does. She is a remnant of the past and people feel uncomfortable in her presence. They'd rather move away from her.

We use the word 'community' all the time, and we're all used to seeing reports on the television news after some terrible event has taken place. You hear neighbours expressing their disbelief and you wonder about the friends who are standing around, seemingly unable to take it in.

It was the suggestion of Rupert Goold, the artistic director of hugely successful Headlong and a frequent colleague of Mike's, that he direct something for the company and Medea was the result.

Mike: Directing is incredibly difficult, as difficult as writing a play, but I have seen both the craft and the art of directing while in the rehearsal-room. For me, it is a genuine collaboration.

The play feels very modern to me as a story of betrayal and we've talked about the way in which the betrayed have taken their revenge, either throwing your ex's possessions into the street or killing their pets. As the director of Medea, I haven't come into rehearsal and started to tell the actors what to do. Rather we have made discoveries together and if scenes don't work or are overwritten on the page, the actors will tell me and I'll cut or do a rewrite. In a way, it's been script development as well as rehearsal. You feel a very different pressure as a director from the one you have as a writer. You're outside the process or at least you experience it second-hand. As the director, on the other hand, you're in the thick of it and you don't see what you really feel about a show until you see it on stage.

Thu 27 Sep - Sat 13 Oct 2012
More information

A Citizens Theatre, Headlong, Watford Palace Theatre co-production in association with Warwick Arts Centre.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Think you know what a Scottish musical sounds like?

The track Cuff You by Patricia Panther, features in Glasgow Girls, which premieres at the Citz in October. Glasgow Girls is a brand new life-affirming Scottish musical with a vibrant multi-cultural voice at its heart. Judging by this track, you should probably re-think any preconceptions of what a Scottish musical sounds like.

Launched today - you can see Patricia's new video for Cuff You on Vimeo.

The musical will feature all original songs from the diverse talents of the musical creative team;  featuring electronic grime from Patricia Panther, reggae-dub from Scots-Asian Rapper MC Soom T, folk/rock from Cora Bissett and additional songs from John Kielty (co-winner of Cameron Mackintosh's Highland Quest for a New Musical).

Glasgow Girls is inspired by a true story, conceived for the stage and directed by Cora Bissett with book by David Greig.

Glasgow Girls is presented by the National Theatre of Scotland, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Citizens Theatre, Pachamama Productions, Richard Jordan Productions Ltd in association with Merrigong Theatre Company (Australia)

31 October – 17 November 2012

8 February – 2 March 2013

Listen to more of Patricia's music on SoundCloud

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Great Scottish Run - road disruptions

Weekly Drama Classes recommence this weekend. On Sunday 2 September, the Great Scottish Run will be happening in Glasgow and as such there are a lot of road disruptions to be aware of in planning your journey to us.

I have snapped the relevant official info from Great Scottish Run, so you can figure out how your journey is affected. Please note that parking elsewhere and walking to the Citz is likely to be the best option.

Don't forget to leave extra time getting here or collecting!

Favourite Scottish Characters

A recent Tam O'Shanter competition in our enews asked subscribers to tell us their favourite Scottish characters from stage and screen. The list of initial entries threw up a whole host of great names including a few heroes from real life.

It was such a nice varied bunch, we thought we'd some of the list for you to see.

WHO WOULD YOU PICK? Let us know.

Elizabeth Gordon Quinn (as my mum would say 'She's all fur coat and nae knickers!)
Mrs Doubtfire
Amy Pond from Dr Who
Lady Macbeth when played as strong  female, with own career ambitions, using Macbeth and others around her as her toys of destruction
Rab C. Nesbitt because he always made my Scottish parents laugh when I was growing up in Cheshire.
Dr Finlay
Magrit from The Steamie
Suzy Kettles from Tutti Frutti
Sir Harry Lauder
Peter Mullan
Chris Guthrie from Grassic Gibbon’s “Sunset Song”
Para Handy (played by Roddy McMillan)
Billy Connolly
Danny McGlone (Robbie Coltrane of the Majestics)
Gregory from Gregory's Girl
Johnny Beattie
Mr Clockerty from Tutti Frutti
Private Frazer from Dads Army
Merida from “Brave”
Father Chambers (Gerard Kelly) from Ae Fond Kiss

Gerry Mulgrew's Tam O'Shanter comes to the Citz fresh from Fringe glory from 11-15 September. Click on the show to find out more and read reviews.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Citz next stop for Fringe sensation

You may have noticed that we’re taking a break from the Fringe this year; if you’ve not had the chance to head through to Edinburgh to soak up the festival atmosphere, fear not as a slice of the festival will be coming to the Citz in September.

We’ve been checking out the rave reviews of Gerry Mulgrew’s revamped version of Tam O’Shanter from the Fringe and we can’t wait to see this hilarious, rowdy musical reinvention that has wowed Festival audiences.

“...this rollicking, joyful (cautionary) tale is a rambunctious masterclass in Fringe revelry.” Big Issue ★★★★★

Boisterous, bawdy and brimming with energy, the show celebrates Robert Burns’s work and the ‘bletherin’, blusterin’, drunken blellum’ we all know and love. Expect to get caught up in the show’s infectious enthusiasm!

“Gerry Mulgrew's all-singing all-dancing production subsequently proves as intoxicating as the liquor that fuels the hapless Tam...” The Herald ★★★★

So, if like Tam you enjoy a rip-roaring night out then this raucous and riotous production may be the one for you this autumn.

Check out the Tam O’Shanter page for more reviews.

Tue 11 – Sat 15 September

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Autumn Post Show Discussions

So far, we have two confirmed Post Show Discussions planned for the Autumn. We love letting our audiences in on the theatre-making process, plus this season you get to meet the real-life inspiration for the incredible true story of Glasgow Girls.

So, why not stay after the show for some fascinating chat and the chance to pose your own questions.

Thu 11 October
Our Creative Learning Officer, Louise Brown, will lead a discussion with the Assistant Director of Medea, delving into the fascinating process involved in bringing a new version of a Greek Classic to the stage. 

Main Auditorium
Free with a ticket for the show

Thu 8 November
An opportunity to meet some of the real Glasgow Girls on which the production is based and hear an expert panel explore some of the issues in the show and answer questions from the audience. With input from the Scottish Refugee Council and Glasgow Girls director Cora Bissett.

Main Auditorium
Free with a ticket to see the show

DISCOVER more about all of our productions, through workshops, pre and post show discussions, films, photos and resources. More info

Friday, 3 August 2012

Festival hits return to the Citz

The Edinburgh Fringe kicks off today, but we are taking a break from the festivals this year.

We've had a great run in recent years including Yellow Moon, The Sound of My Voice, The Girl in the Yellow Dress and The Monster in the Hall.

In September, we're pretty excited to welcome the return of David Greig's two super-slick festival hits to the Citz; the National Theatre of Scotland will present our productions of Yellow Moon and The Monster in the Hall from 6-22 September.

If you've not seen these shows before, they were both written to be performed in an intimate studio space by 4 actors and pretty much no props or set. Both shows have scooped awards, toured internationally and generally blown audiences away!

Yellow Moon: The Ballad of Leila and Lee is a modern Bonnie and Clyde tale about two teenagers on the run

"Outstanding…leaves you feeling as though you’ve watched a full-length road movie, with added intimacy and intensity." 
The Scotsman ★★★★★ on Yellow Moon

The Monster in the Hall is a low budget indie comedy musical about a girl on the verge of a nervous breakdown played out by four actors and a big fat motorbike which goes vrrooommm.

"a tightly drilled ensemble, passionate, playful and yet serious, gripping us one minute, cracking us up the next, before melting our hearts”
The Guardian ★★★★ on The Monster in the Hall 

On Sat 8, 15 and 22 September the two shows will both be performed on the same evening.

SEE BOTH FOR £20 - includes the double-bills or individual performances booked on separate nights. Call Box Office 0141 429 0022 or book online.

In the meantime, if you are heading through to the festival, despite the Citz not being there, our Artistic Director has been working with young actors on an exciting musical for the Fringe.

Dominic Hill is directing The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's One Company Productions in Stephen Sondheim's "Company" at C venues from 1-27 August. Book on the EdFringe website.

Here's a wee clip from YouTube of some of the tunes from rehearsals:
Company in 1 Minute - Band Call

Photos by Tim Morozzo

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Flickable online brochure - Autumn/Winter 2012

We know some of you still like flicking through a nice brochure to plan your nights out and seasonal activities. Our impossible-to-miss Autumn/Winter 2012 brochures are available in the foyer now. They will be hitting doorsteps and leaflet racks across the City this week.

In the meantime, you can have a flick through online:

Click the image to view full screen.
You can book our shows, classes and workshops online at

Friday, 13 July 2012

Young Co. in Five Minute Theatre

Tomorrow NTS are running another Five Minute Theatre extravaganza:

"On Saturday 14th July 2012, Five Minute Theatre presents 63 bite-sized theatre pieces from across Scotland, Ghana, the USA and the rest of the world and is streamed live online between 1-7pm"

2 member of Young Co. have created short pieces, which will be included.

You can catch these online at tomorrow at the following times:

2.25pm - The Curious Case of Tim by Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi & Elliot Cooper
3.20pmReport Card/Her Shoes by Ruaridh Hamilton


Having recently received a standing ovation at NTS Exchange in macrobert; Young Co. return to the Citz Circle Studio this Autumn with 
"This Is What We Ask".

You can see the show when it come home to the Citz from 18-20 October. Tickets are on sale now!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Season on sale - world premieres for 50p!

We have just announced our Autumn/Winter 2012 season which features no less than 3 World Premieres, the revival of two of David Greig's most popular shows of recent years, a raucous Christmas show and much more.

"Citizen's new season looks amazing!  World premiered oot it's nut!"
@NeilJohnGibson on Twitter

This startlingly modern version of Euripides’ classic tragedy explores the private fury bubbling under public behaviour and how in today’s world a mother, fuelled by anger at her husband’s infidelity, might be driven to commit the worst possible crime.
27 Sep - 13 Oct | More info
WORLD PREMIERE A co-production with Headlong and Watford Palace Theatre in association with Warwick Arts Centre.

Based on the true story of one of the most vocal and powerful asylum campaigns to catch the imagination of the media and inspire a community to unite behind its residents; Cora Bissett (Director of Olivier award-winning Roadkill) and David Greig have created a life-affirming new musical with an unforgettable soundtrack.
31 Oct - 17 Nov | More info

WORLD PREMIERE A co-production between the National Theatre of Scotland, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Citizens Theatre, Pachamama Productions, Richard Jordan Productions Ltd in association with Merrigong Theatre Company, Australia.

A brand new stage play of the classic 90s BBC TV series by Donna Franceschild. The hilarious and profoundly moving story of Ready Eddie McKenna's attempts to reinvigorate the St Jude's psychiatric hospital's radio station. Set in Glasgow, this show features a soundtrack of R&B classics.
15 Feb - 9 Mar | More info
WORLD PREMIERE A co-production with Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.

Save up to 25% when you buy for all three of our big shows this season: Medea, Glasgow Girls and Takin' Over the Asylum. Phone the box office to book or click for more info

10 tickets per performance in 10 performances of each run, on sale at 10am on:
Sat 22 September for Medea
Sat 27 October for Glasgow Girls
Sat 9 February for Takin’ Over the Asylum
See Pricing for More info

NTS will retour the Citz productions of YELLOW MOON and THE MONSTER IN THE HALL. If you book full price tickets for both shows, you can save £5 - multi-booker offer.

This Christmas Dominic Hill will direct a gleefully gruesome version of SLEEPING BEAUTY, think Tim Burton meets Shrek meets “Once Upon a Time”!

There are more classes, shows and behind-the-scenes tours on Doors Open Day - check What's On listings on our website for full details!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Success at the CATS

We were lucky enough this year to receive 5 nominations for the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland (CATS).

In a ceremony held yesterday at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow, hosted by Alan Cumming, we were delighted to receive the top award in 2 of these categories:

Dominic Hill - Best Director for Betrayal

Alan Cumming and Dominic Hill. Photo by Drew Farrell
Alan and Dominic

Paddy Cunneen - for Best Music and Sound for King Lear.

Alan Cumming and Paddy Cunneen. Photo by Drew Farrell
So for all the brilliant people who helped us out with our piano appeal in March, you'll be pleased they went to very good use!

You can read the full list of 2012 winners on the CATS website. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

King Lear cast member & Citz trainee actor intern Lynn Kennedy
A great event to celebrate the broadest range of theatre in Scotland, some mentions were made of opinions on recent funding policy changes at Creative Scotland - read Pauline McLean's CATS report on on the BBC website.

Maria, Lesley and Yvonne celebrating the wins. 
Alison, Christine and Anne enjoy a bit of theatrical schmoozing.
So as we approach the end of Dominic first season of work here at the Citz, it's marvelous to look back on Betrayal, King Lear and Krapp's Last Tape/Footfalls - three shows we're very proud of.

If you enjoyed these shows, or heard good things about them; our Autumn Season will be announced and go on sale on Tue 19 June. So pop that date in your diary to join us for another season of exciting theatre.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Two lovely and very talented actresses are in the building, making final preparations for the rarely performed Footfallsthe second play in our double bill of Beckett here at the Citz. 

Kathryn Howden as Goneril (right) in King Lear
 Hot out of the glamorous heels of playing Goneril (the eldest daughter) in the King Lear; Kathryn Howden returns as the main character – and only visible performer - May in Footfalls. I caught up with her in the foyer and got chatting. Kathryn comes from a showbiz family: her partner is actor Gilly Gilchrist (River City, Lip Service, Rob Roy); her brother actor Lewis Howden (currently appearing in David Harrower’s play A Slow Air with Tricycle Theatre) and her father is actor and legendary stand up comedian Happy Howden! Not forgetting Hollie, Kathryn’s daughter who by all accounts is a budding writer at the age of 7…something in the genes?

Kay Gallie (right) in The Steamie - 25th Anniversary Tour
Supporting Kathryn in her role is veteran actress Kay Gallie who plays the part of the Voice. Another returnee Kay’s first ever acting job was at the Citizens Theatre many years ago. You might recognise her better as Mrs Culfeathers from The Steamie; a part she has played no fewer than 5 times, including the recent 25th Anniversary Tour!

Kay has a rather interesting challenge in Footfalls in that she never appears onstage! Only Kay’s voice is heard live at every performance.

We hope you'll take a risk on our minimalist theatre double-bill, as a fitting end to Dominic Hill's first season as Artistic Director.

Christine (Temp Marketing Officer)

Krapps Last Tape opens from tomorrow night, as a double bill with Footfalls, another of Samuel Beckett's short plays. Until Sat 9 June.

Welcome Back Gerard

This week, I caught a sneaky peek of Krapp’s Last Tape starring old friend of the Citz, Gerard Murphy – perk of the job - the show has its first preview tonight!

Gerard (Right) in Chinchilla 1977
Blockbuster movies aside, this guy is a true star! Not only does he have an illustrious history here at the Citizens (somewhat of a Glasgow heartthrob in the 70’s!) but he has made his mark in many of the countries top theatres as well as through numerous movie and TV parts. Winding down the other night I turned on my TV and there he was….in an episode of Father Ted!
Mr Murphy in Soldiers 1993
It’s been 14 years since Gerard last performed here at the Citz in a 1998 production of Macbeth.  Not his first time in this role at this theatre either; he played Macbeth to David Hayman’s Lady Macbeth in 1979 – wish I had seen this!

David Hayman as Lady Macbeth to Gerard's Macbeth 
“As Macbeth, Gerard Murphy, a husky young actor, follows the upward and downward graph of the murderer’s career with physical vigour and great vocal power.”
From The Stage, March 15, 1979

Gerard came to the Citz like many of that era as an aspiring young actor. He went on during the mid to late seventies to perform in over 20 productions including The Changeling, 1976, The Country Wife, 1977, and Chinchilla 1977 &79’  I asked him how he felt about returning to the Citz, he said:

“I came for 3 months and stayed for three years and I’m still coming back.”
As with many actors it seems the Citz still has a special place in his heart.

Christine (Temp Marketing Officer)

Krapps Last Tape opens from tomorrow night, as a double bill with Footfalls, another of Samuel Beckett's short plays. Until Sat 9 June.

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Monster in Macau

The Monster in the Hall cast and crew are in Macau preparing to take part in the Festival de Artes de Macau. David Carlyle sent me an up-date from the road:

"...getting wifi access has been tough - the only place we've found with it is a swing park down the road from our hotel....and it's hard work sitting out in the baking sun - your iPhone actually starts to burn your hand. [Ed. oh it's a hard life!].

Beth, Gemma, Guy (Director) and David.
So Macau is hot. Like, really hot. You can imagine a bunch of pale blue Weegies wandering around in 30C heat with 90% humidity...I swear the locals are laughing at us. :-) Today in fact, Mr Hollands and I stopped to consult our map and one man stood next to us, looked us both dead in the eye and laughed and pointed....fair play to him, we must look ridiculous. The people of Macau are so friendly and helpful - we don't understand a word of each other but both willing to engage in some primitive mime and look and feel silly and we get through to each other in the end!

Diverse architecture in Macau
We're only on our third day here so not actually had a great deal of access into the theatre - did a full run through yesterday and it went fine! Tonight is our first show so should be interesting...hopefully the audience aren't too confused and follow the story...will keep you posted! :-)

Spot Gemma
All just getting used to this new world so the first couple of days have been a lot of exploring and a getting used to the climate and time change. There's so much to see. One half of Macau is very old and traditional (Portuguese and Chinese influenced architecture) and the other half is Casino heaven

- bright lights, skyscrapers, expensive shops, glamorous cars...It's amazing. There are times when we all stop and stare open mouthed at the scale of the buildings and parks. The four of us cast members went up the Macau tower for a sky high 360 degree view of Macau, Taipa Island and mainland China. Beth got a bit jelly legged on the glass floor...

Beth, Keith and Gemma coping with the dizzying heights.
I'll keep you updated as we move into the theatre and start doing some shows and discussions and workshops.

Hope all is well back home! I'm off into go into an air conditioned room... :-)


We'll keep you posted on any more news from Macau!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

CATS Award - 5 nominations for Citz

We are absolutely delighted to receive 5 nominations in the 2011-12 Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland: Best Design, Best Ensemble, Best Director, Best Music and Best Production.

BEST DESIGN | Colin Richmond/Chris DaveyBetrayal


 | Paddy CunneenKing Lear


BEST DIRECTOR | Dominic Hill, Betrayal

We're very proud to have received so many accolades in this, Dominic Hill's first season as Artistic Director.  The nominations, which were announced today will be presented in a ceremony at the Tron Theatre on Sunday 10 June 2012.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out if we win or buy some tickets to come along and find out first! Keep your fingers crossed!

See the CATS website for a full list of nominees.

Betrayal Pics: Richard Campbell | King Lear Pics: Tim Morozzo 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Reactions to King Lear

This is a work-in-progress which is being added to over time. This represents just a small sample of what's being said online!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

50p tickets are back!

It's that time again. Set your alarm clock, find a keen friend and look out a warm jacket.

At 10am on Saturday (14 April)
100 King Lear tickets
go on sale for just 50p

There are 10 available in each of the first 10 performances of the run, so the earlier you get here, the more choice you'll have. It's very much first-come-first-served, cash only, up to 2 tickets each.

At the time of publishing this blog, it looks like it'll be dry until lunch, so queuers should be safe, but given our recent change from hot summer to winter weather conditions, it's best to check up-to-date info:

See the Met Office's forecast for the Gorbals.

Some people have been asking what happened last time - so here's the insider info - for Betrayal the first person in the queue arrived around 8.45am, with a steady build up after that. Once on sale at 10am, it took 35mins to sell out, but we do expect that King Lear might be busier.

If you're first to arrive, please queue against the wall from the right-hand-side of the front door (with the queue filling back towards the car shown above).

Our front doors will be open from 9am (to allow our Easter Academy participants access), but 50p tickets will go on sale at the advertised 10am. We hope to have King Lear himself (David Hayman) here to sell the first ticket!

To keep you warm and well fed while you wait, our coffee bar will be open from 9am serving frothy coffee's and a wide range of hot/cold drinks and snacks. Our special offer is buy a coffee and get one of our delicious homemade 'Speciality Scones' for just 50p.

Good luck!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sniffles That Do Sorely Ruffle

Assistant Director, Richard Lavery continues his blog from the rehearsal room of King Lear:

Over the last week and a half the rehearsal room has resounded to the tones of sniffling, coughing and a fair few sneezes with the occasional splutter. In a cast and crew of over 30, colds just fly through the company. Add to that the fantastically theatrical weather we've had over the last few weeks and its soothers all round.

My script helper
We've now got to the stage that all the individual pieces of the production have come together more cohesively, with the music and various fight sections having been placed into their respective scenes and now we're just tinkering and running them to develop and solidify a bit further. The rehearsal room now usually rings to the tinkling of music with Paddy working on a piece with Owen (playing the Fool) at the same time as Dominic working with other cast members on a part of a scene and me working with the Ensemble on another section. It feels fantastic when the room buzzes with life and equally exciting when it quietens to focus on a particular scene or for a run of the play.

Fight rehearsal for the last scene
In the last week we've had some of my favourite moments including one from Dominic to Ewan (playing Edgar) of, "play the balloon more", an immortal snippet of direction that I adore for a special moment that may never make it past the tech next week. We've all been falling more and more in love with Shakespeare's language, often I hear little clips receited offstage with adoration and laughter. One of my favourite lines right now is a simple little line from Gloucester, "Alack, the night comes on, and the high winds/Do sorely ruffle" (Act 2 Scene 4 ln 490). And though it's in a moment of high tension, it tends to make me smile.

Dominic thinking and playing the balloon more
Now we're hurtling through the last few days, running the play at least once a day with tech week looming ahead. Not long to go but a lot more to do.

Assistant Director

featuring clips from rehearsals and interviews with Dominic Hill and David Hayman: