Monday, 27 April 2009

Maureen Beattie - Sunday Times Interview

Maureen Beattie spoke to Gillian Bowditch for The Sunday Times, where she talks about coming from a Glasgow entertainment dynasty, the role that she desperately hopes she will get to reprive and what attracted her to Ibsen's Ghosts.

If you missed it in yesterday's paper then click here to read the full article.

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Ghosts - High jinks in rehearsal

It's now entering the third week of rehearsals for Ghosts and the cast are on great form! I always marvel at the privileged position I'm in, being able to stick my head into reheasals and seeing snippets of the journey that the play takes - from it's first read through to rehearsals and then finally, opening night and its first public performance.

(Kevin as Pastor Manders and Elspeth as Regine)

From what little I've seen so far, I'm already really excited about seeing Ghosts onstage. Some of the cast are familiar to us here at the Citz - Elspeth Brodie (Don Juan), Billy Mack (The Sound of My Voice/ Peter Pan/ The Bevellers and Wee Fairy Tales to name but a few) and Kevin McMonagle (Waiting for Godot).

(Elspeth and Kevin)

We're delighted to welcome two new faces - Maureen Beattie and Steven Robertson. Maureen you will know from numerous TV appearances, including long-term stints in Holby City and Bramwell, as well as stage performances in Theatre Babel's Medea and more recently acclaimed performances in the Royal Shakespeare Company's 'Histories Company (which won an Olivier Award for Best Company 2009).

(Steven and Maureen, taking a well earned break)

Steven played joint lead role alongside James McAvoy in Inside I'm Dancing and has had smaller roles in other feature films including Kingdom of Heaven (Ridley Scott) and Elizabeth: The Goldon Age. Theatre work includes The Tempest, The Seagull and Anthony and Cleopatra at Manchester's Royal Exchange, as well as King Lear for the RSC.

(Steven and Maureen ambush an unsuspecting Elspeth)

These images are the result of a photoshoot we did on Friday - I guess that you could look on the bottom two as the 'out-takes'! Anyone who thinks that Ibsen is dull should spend five minutes with this bunch - they're having a blast!


Photos: Eamonn McGoldrick

Friday, 24 April 2009

Our actors take to the airwaves!

If anyone happened to tune into Awaz Fm yesterday morning you would have caught Gary Pillai from the cast of Wuthering Heights on the breakfast show, with Shez and Daniel. There was plenty of banter - including the all important sales pitch for the show - as well as Gary sharing some of his experiences working on films such as Far North, Franklyn and the tv series The Passion for BBC.
(Strangely, he seemed less keen to talk about his role in FamilyAffairs... remember that one?)

(Shez, Gary and Daniel)

Shez probed a bit deeper and Gary revealed that his most expensive purchase was a ring for himself from the world famous Tiffany's and that the thing he most disliked about himself was his patience (there are surely worse character traits!).

This is the boys first week in the breakfast slot, so Gary was delighted to be one of their first guests! Thanks to everyone there for making us feel so welcome.

If you fancy catching a bit of bollywood glamour then Wuthering Heights runs until Saturday and you can get tickets by calling 0141 429 0022 or online at

Braw Partnership

On Monday Elly, Neil and 5 members of the Community Company head to Sweden for a theatre exchange with our friends at Lansteatern in Örebro.

Although practitioners from the Citizens and Lansteatern have worked together before, this is the first time our company members have had the chance to travel. Taking extracts from their recent show "My Clydeside Valentine", the group will perform alongside local community actors at the end of an intense week of rehearsals and collaboration.

A photo of Lansteatern taken by Neil in Örebro.

Unikt teatersamarbete i Örebro
Swedish radio feature about the project (NB. You need to understand Swedish!!):

I'll not say much more, as I'll let Neil and Elly update you...if Neil can ever find his Blogger password!!


P.S. The Swedish word "Bra" pronounced "Braw" has pretty much the same meaning as our Scottish word, hence the name of our project. I recently watch "Let The Right One It" - a Swedish horror currently in cinemas, which I can't recommend highly enough. I was delighted to hear the little boy at one point say "bra" and the subtitle appear "good". The simple pleasures...

P.P.S. The observant of you will have spotted that the photo in this post changed. Neil pointed out that I'd used a Stockholm shot! Oops

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Wuthering Heights - new video footage

Tamasha's production of Wuthering Heights has been touring in England for the past couple of weeks and going down a storm -

"Verma might well have struck gold with his idea of relocating the tale of doomed passion and poetic grand vision to Rajasthan…it's an imaginative perspective on a great classic and one that could surely transfer to the big screen with the same success as Tamasha's East is East" The Independent

Here's some new video footage of the show, produced by film students at University of Huddersfield:

Dont miss out on this great Bollywood night out, tickets are available on 0141 429 0022 or online

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Spoonface Steinberg - praise for this show

Spponface Steinberg has made a few stops on her travels before she reaches the Citizens in a few weeks time and so the first reviews are out. Here's what people had to say:

"It is genuinely extraordinary acting in that I truly never saw it as acting, just as I never saw any of her movements or handling of props as business, simply as Spoonface’s behaviour. In fact, as someone commented on the way out, there weren’t any props, just things lying around Spoonface’s bedroom.

"See this moving, funny, sad yet optimistic production if you can. You’ll not regret an hour spent with Spoonface and her self-effacing alter ego Zoe Thorne." THE STAGE

"It is therefore a measure of Zoe Thorne’s performance in the title role (and for most of the time she’s the only person on stage) that she not only holds the audience’s attention throughout but involves it fully in her character’s odd world. She’s entirely credible as this very young girl with a brain for which her body is not fit... As with autism itself, there are no real answers, partial or otherwise. But there is a heart in the matter, and Thorne’s performance is it." ****

"Zoe held us enthralled - we hung on every word. Funny, sad and thought provoking...a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to experience this and take away something of it in their hearts." Wikipedia

If you want to see what all the fuss is about for yourself, tickets ar available by calling 0141 429 0022 or book online at


Spoonface Steinberg: Award-winning play comes to the Citz

Spoonface Steinberg, from the writer of Billy Elliott- Lee Hall, was first broadcast as a radio play but has since gone on to win awards and be adapted for both TV and the stage.

Beggars and Kings productions are bringing the show to the Citizens this April and we grabbed a quick word with the director, Michael Fentiman, to find out what he thinks is so important about this play:

“Awareness of Autism having the possibility to be an active ability as opposed to a life hindering disability is very important to us. For any parent, teacher or family member who is involved in the life of a child with autism there are everyday challenges and rewards that a child on the spectrum can present. This production aims to explore both. I suppose what Spoonface’s autism empowers the audience with is an ability to see our responses to the hardship life throws at us. Autism is a world of logic. The world we live in is one of many contradictions, confusion and chaos. Spoonface, through a piercing ability to strip emotion and metaphor away, stumbles upon a genius’s insight into life’s struggles. Her ability is to help us see clearly, her Autism being a gift of perception that illuminates hidden truths in things.”

Zoe Thorne in the title role of Spoonface Steinberg.

Spoonface Steinberg runs from Tues 21 - Sat 25 April, 7.30pm. To book call 0141 429 0022 or go online at