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Graham Sutherland: Laying the foundations

Graham Sutherland, our Head of Production, has been documenting our Building Redevelopment. In this extract from his latest blog, he tells us about the progress made in recent months. With demolition now complete, the team have been preparing the ground and putting in foundations, ready for construction to commence.  Preparing The Ground With the demolished buildings removed, the leftover basement areas were scraped out, filled in with hardcore, and levelled to create a piling mat. This provides a solid, flat, level surface that the piling rig can work on top of to put the piles into the ground that will support the new structure. Demolition along the south side of the building complete Building before work started. Area in red now demolished ready for new build. Design for new building. New foundations to go into the areas in blue. Piling The area to the north-west of the building uses mini-piles; short piles that are driven into the ground. Once it is in far enough it is filled with

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