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Fibres: sharing stories

The heart of Scotland's impressive shipbuilding industry was located on the Clyde. It was also a centre of asbestos production and the widespread use of this toxic substance has had a lasting impact on the area and its local communities. Frances Poet's play Fibres is a moving tribute to those affected by this tragic legacy. During rehearsals last year the cast and creative team visited Fairfield Heritage Centre in Govan to explore the Clyde and learn more about Glasgow's long industrial history. (C) Beth Chalmers When Fibres toured to venues and community halls last year, we were overwhelmed at how many people took the time to share their own stories and experiences with us. Now, we've made a film of the show so that more people across the UK can learn about this hidden history. ( If you haven't already, you can book your Watch At Home ticket at . ) In this blog, we're looking back at some of the wonderful feedback and heartfelt memories that w

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