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"It's not all anger. It felt important to me that there was humour and hope in this play."

Through four interconnected stories, Fibres reveals the tragic legacy of asbestos in Glasgow and highlights the impact on women and families. The heartwarming story entertained and moved audiences across Scotland during a community tour in 2019. Now, we're making a film of the show so that more people across the UK and internationally can watch it. Ahead of the new film premiering, Frances Poet told us more about what inspired her to write this story - and why it was important to tell it with humour and hope:Six years ago, I met a woman called Eli at my daughter's music class who told me that she had lost her parents six months apart. Her father had been a ship's draftsman and had served a three-day apprenticeship on the ships. His exposure to asbestos in those three days was enough to end not just his life prematurely but also that of his wife who washed his overalls. I knew about asbestos as something dangerous from the past. I didn't know that deaths from asbestos r…

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