Thursday, 16 April 2015

Fever Dream: Southside - A Portrait of the Writer

Writer Douglas Maxwell's new play Fever Dream: Southside gets its first performance next Saturday 25 April at the Citizens Theatre. 

A colourful representation of our very own neighbourhood, Fever Dream: Southside was actually created as a self-portrait of the writer and the feelings he had about his community shortly after the birth of his first child.  

Writer Douglas Maxwell. Credit Stuart Black

Here's Douglas explaining his inspiration for the play in his own words:

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


The Arches' Behaviour Festival 2015 comes to the Citizens with the award-winning Lippy by Irish theatre company Dead Centre

Lippy is inspired by the mysterious events surrounding the deaths of four Irish women in County Kildare in 2000, apparently as the result of an act of self-annihilation. The three sisters and their elderly aunt were found locked in their home having starved to death. The lack of documentation or evidence of the days leading up to the last time the women were seen has left their deaths open to speculation.

Friday, 27 March 2015


Kirstie Cusick, Head of Marketing & Communications (Maternity Cover), at the Citizens Theatre remembers voting for the first time in 1992.

I’m excited about seeing David Hare’s play The Absence of War being brought to the Citizens Theatre next week by Headlong. Set in 1992 on the lead up to the general election, I remember that period of my life like it was yesterday.

The Absence of War, 31 Mar - 4 Apr

The election was called on March 11 and I turned 18 less than a month before the big day and it was, until the referendum last year, the most engaged with politics I’ve ever been. I was in sixth year at school in the midst of preparing for a big university interview, swotting for my French oral exam, and taking driving lessons during free periods off school. I was working in Littlewoods in Argyle Street at the weekends. Shakespears Sister’s ‘Stay’ (video below) dominated the charts and I was waiting for Channel 4’s first season of Drop the Dead Donkey to come out on video. Scotland was gearing up for the UEFA European Championship for the first time. But most importantly I was enjoying having my first ‘legal’ drink or two in a pub.

My interest in voting in my first ever election was spurred by the fact that I’d taken a crash Higher in Modern Studies. My teacher was new to the school and she was the first person I’d ever met to call herself a Ms. I’d only read about people with that title in American novels by Judy Blume and Paula Danziger. I thought she was so cool especially as she told us stories about rebelling against the poll tax and having her wages arrested. She encouraged me to take part in debates with other schools about the hot topics of the day including the state of the NHS and the economy. Déjà vu as we lead up to this year’s general election.

Scotland's 1992 Squad who bowed out at the group stages 
The cast of Drop the Dead Donkey 

As this was long before social media and multiple 24 hours news channels, the press played a huge role in influencing people on who to vote and I bought newspapers daily to keep up to speed with Paddy Ashdown, Neil Kinnock, John Major, and others. I was tuning in to Question Time on a Thursday night.
Paddy Ashdown, Neil Kinnock, John Major and Ian Paisley's Spitting Image alter egos. 

I wrote to all the prospective candidates in my Southside constituency of Glasgow with specific questions and attended local hustings. I remember repeatedly writing and complaining to one prospective candidate about the tone and message of their literature. They reminded me of this a number of years later when I was a journalist at their local newspaper. I must have made an impression!

The Sun's infamous 1992 election - day front page

They day of the election came around quickly. People always talk about the weather on an election day but to be honest that’s the only thing I can’t remember about this historic day for me. What I can remember is the excitement I felt heading into St. Fillan’s Primary School with my parents and standing in a polling booth for the very first time and making the most informed voting decision of my life to date. I also remembered staying up late to watch my first election coverage on the TV.
By exercising my democratic right, I was one of 33,614,074 million people to cast a vote in the general election of 1992. I wonder what memories this play will remind the other 40 somethings as they watch this play.

The Absence of War is at the Citizens Theatre from 31 Mar – 4 Apr.

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

An insight into The Absence of War from Director Jeremy Herrin

Friends of the Citizens Theatre Headlong return with another fantastic new production: David Hare's acclaimed The Absence of War. Headlong have previously brought productions of The Seagull, Medea, A Midsummer Night's Dream and most recently the sell-out West End smash 1984.  The Absence of War has already been impressing the critics on its UK tour, and it arrives at the Citizens in the lead up to the 2015 general election.

Photograph by Mark Douet
Headlong Theatre Artistic Director Jeremy Herrin (one of the nominees for the Best Director Award at the 2015 Olivier Awards announced on 12 April) talks about staging and touring this modern political masterpiece.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Thursday, 26 February 2015

A Rum and Vodka tour of Dublin

While Director Stephen Darcy and actor Martin Donaghy get ready to unleash Rum and Vodka onto the Circle Studio stage you can familiarise yourself with our bespoke Rum and Vodka tour of Dublin. Hilarious, shocking and poignant in equal measure, Rum and Vodka is the story of an ordinary young man and his three-day alcohol-fuelled rampage around Dublin. Written by multi-award winning playwright Conor McPherson, the work sparkles with an energy, wit and brutal honesty that prefigures the playwright’s later successes including an Oliver Award for Best New Play for The Weir and New York Drama Critics Circle Award for The Night Alive

Click on the link below to begin your 3 day misadventure through the pubs and late bars of Dublin. You can retrace each day's staggered journey from bar to bar. 

One young man and a three day binge around Dublin.
If you are still alive at the end of the tour make sure you come and see the one-man production which opens next week and runs from March 5-7 in our Circle Studio.  

Rum and Vodka 
plays in the Circle Studio 5 - 7 Feb

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The real life story behind 'The Slab Boys' through the A. F. Stoddard Carpet factory Archive

As part of the research for The Slab Boys, our designers and backstage team enlisted the help of the University of Glasgow Archives, which hold the Stoddard-Templeton Collection - a huge archive from James Templeton & Co. Ltd. and Stoddard International plc., two of Scotland’s most significant and influential carpet designers and manufacturers.

In this blog post, Rachael Egan, from University of Glasgow Archive Services, shares some of the interesting anecdotes and stories from the collection.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Faking it: A beginner's guide to the difference between fakes and forgeries

Moira Jeffrey writes about the complex, confusing and divisive world of art forgery - the bread & butter of Fire Exit's Long Live The Little Knife, in the Circle Studio 24 - 28 Feb.

What is a forgery? Is it the same as a copy or as a fake? How can you tell a forgery? And why on earth do art forgers do it? These are questions that have vexed art historians, connoisseurs, and philosophers for generations. In more recent years, the question of how the public and the experts come to recognise and value authenticity have come to preoccupy popular psychologists.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Artificiality and Authenticity in Long Live the Little Knife

Fire Exit are taking Long Live the Little Knife  by David Leddy on the road again for a fourth time following sell-out success across the country. The show opens its latest tour at the Citizens Theatre from Tue 24 - Sat 28 February in our Circle Studio. Fire Exit were last at the Citizens with Sub Rosa, their site-specific piece revealing some of the secrets backstage of a Victorian theatre.

A dynamic, absurd and uplifting theatre piece about forgery, castration and blind drunkenness, there's a wealth of articles on Fire Exit's website about Long Live the Little Knife, the art world, the nature of forgeries and the inspiration for the play. 
Long Live the Little Knife publicity image by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Boys Are Back in Town!

John Byrne's The Slab Boys is set in a Paisley carpet factory and we can't wait to bring this funny, poignant and vivid story back to the west coast!

The Slab Boys is a coming-of-age story that is recognised around the world and a modern piece of Scottish theatre history.