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Irene Barr Play Development with Nightschool Level 4

This week, our Nightschool participants are sharing what they've learned during the Autumn terms of classes with friends and family. 
Our Level 4 participants have been working with Director Mick Duke on a new play titled Irene Barr
Here, Mick shares with us how he got involved with our Nightschool classes, and the role the participants are playing in developing this new work.
"The Nightschool 4 students have been stepping into the unknown this term, working with me on the development of a new play.
Irene Barr is about a woman whose anger towards the financial executives who emerged unscathed from the banking crash of 2008 has never dimmed.Eventually deserted by her political allies, penalised by the courts and frozen out by her family, Irene is required to attend weekly anger management sessions.In these unlikely surroundings she forges new friendships and a novel way to protest against the banks, until a violent tragedy in her family tips her life out of control.
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