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Urban Union supports the Citizens Theatre's 2019 Christmas show

Our Christmas show, Pinocchio, is sponsored by urban regeneration venture company Urban Union . 
Urban Union had this to say about the partnership with the Citizens Theatre:
Urban Union is proud to be a supporter of this year’s Christmas Show, Pinocchio at the Citizens Theatre. The Laurieston Living Development is just a stone’s throw from the Citizen’s Gorbals location. 
We are thrilled to partnership with The Citizens Theatre for the third year running, aligning our aim to serve the Glasgow southside community, helping to regenerate the area, enhance the sense of community spirit and bring people together in their shared love of the arts. The Citizens is a huge part of this, providing not only a cultural experience but bringing people from other areas of Glasgow to the region, generating employment and inspiring the next generation of young performers.
Theatre is an important part of Glasgow’s culture and we believe that everyone, no matter what their background and circumstances are, d…

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