Thursday, 29 November 2007

Nightschool - adult drama classes

The Citizens' Theatre is starting a brand new series of drama classes for ADULTS only (suitable for those aged 22+).

NIGHTSCHOOL will run weekly on Monday nights for 9 sessions. The term commences on Mon 21 January and runs right through until 17 March. The sessions will provide a fun and informal introduction to performance skills.

There are only 16 places available for this class, so if you're interested in booking, please call the box office on 0141 429 0022.

9 sessions cost a very reasonable £60 (£40 conc). This is payable in advance. So if you're short of an idea for a Christmas present and know someone who'd enjoy and be able to commit to something're sorted!


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Behind the Scenes

NAME: Lesley Davidson
JOB TITLE: Operations Manager

Key Responsibilities: Responsible for 30 casual FoH and bar staff, 2 duty Managers and Building Manager/Responsible for setting and monitoring FoH, bar and all Building Budgets/Responsible for the booking and management of the rehearsal rooms/Insurances and Licenses for the building/Smooth running of all Front of House and bars including all stock ordering, monitoring and stocktaking/Rotas and wages.

How long have you worked at the Citizens? 7 years

Did you have to train specifically to do your job? No, however you do need to be very organised have good communication skills, And lots of common sense! What’s your favourite thing about your job? The buzz of an opening night. All the different types of people you encounter…and of course my office buddy Denise.

What’s your least favourite thing about your job? Not having the time to see all the shows on offer at the Citizens.

My hero is… Don’t have a hero although there are people I admire.

You probably don’t know this about me, but… I was a professional actress for ten years and I have a qualification in woodwork!

My first ever album was… Depeche Mode “A Broken Frame”

My desert island luxury would be… Red lipstick

I wish I could… Have more hours in the day.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Peter Pan-tastic!!

As Helen mentioned in her entry below, the Citz is slowly but surely being turned into our very own Neverland! But it's not just the sets coming together, but the most fantastic bright, and sometimes a little bit quirky, costumes too! We wanted to give you a sneaky preview of what some of they will look like (but not all of them, we dont want to give too much away!!) so we managed to get hold of some of the original drawings from our designer, Jason Southgate. Pictured here are a motley selection of pirates and Lost Boys!

If you want to see how they look on stage, you can book your tickets here

More Behind the Scenes

To kick things off, I'm going to add another couple of Behind the Scenes features:

NAME: Iain Farrell
JOB TITLE: Building Manager

Key Responsibilities: Maintenance and running of all aspects of the building, from fixing leaky roofs to broken computers, and everything in between.

How long have you worked at the Citizens? About two and a half years in total; previously as Marketing Information Manager and now as Building Manager.

Did you have to train specifically to do your job? No, but it would have been a great help and I would have avoided many mistakes. It is one of these jobs where the best way to learn is by doing. You just have to be prepared to tackle anything that’s thrown at you.
What’s your favourite thing about your job? It’s interesting, varied and downright weird.

What’s your least favourite thing about your job? When the sewers under the building get blocked!

My hero is… Sir Richard Francis Burton (not the Welsh actor), who was something of a Renaissance man. He was an African explorer, a prolific travel write, fluent in 47 languages, the third best swordsman in 19th century Europe, the first westerner to visit Mecca (in disguise – if he had been discovered he would have been beheaded on the spot) and the man who first translated the Kama Sutra and the Tales of the Arabian Nights (the adult version), bringing them to a Victorian Britain which was not ready for either!

You probably don’t know this about me, but… I’ve put on three photography exhibitions in the past four years; one at the Burrell Collection, no less.

My first ever album was… The Point by Harry Nilsson: “A point in every direction is the same as no point at all”

My desert island luxury would be… Nicole Kidman

I wish I could… Learn to fly, so I could do aerial photography, and search for that desert island.

NAME: Angela Smith
JOB TITLE: Education Officer

Key Responsibilities: Co-ordinating and delivering educational drama programmes in schools and with community groups. I also run our weekly drama class programme at the Citizens’ Theatre.

How long have you worked at the Citizens? I have worked here for about a year and a half.

Did you have to train specifically to do your job? I did drama at school up to Higher level. Then I went to the RSAMD in Glasgow and completed a degree course. I subsequently worked on a freelance basis for a couple of years with various arts organisations and local authorities to develop my experience. After that I worked in the East End of Glasgow for a Community Arts organisation and finally ended up here!

Over the past few years I have gained experience in workshop delivery, theatre directing, project co-ordination and arts administration. What’s your favourite thing about your job? I enjoy planning projects and then seeing them come to fruition. One of the projects I am particularly happy about is our weekly drama class programme. Literally hundreds of children and their parents come into the theatre each weekend now and it really brings the place to life.

What’s your least favourite thing about your job? The hours can be quite anti-social at times. If it is a really busy time, with lots of projects on the go, I can be in here until 8 or 9pm trying to catch up. It has peaks and troughs though and there are also times when it can be really quiet, which is great because I can then catch up with all the admin that needs done!

My hero is… don’t have one

You probably don’t know this about me, but… I once blew my head up in an oven.

My first ever album was… Now 13 cassette tape

My desert island luxury would be… oil paints and canvases to paint on

I wish I could… have a really cool superhero power. I’d want the ability to fly I think.

Behind the Scenes

We are starting a regular Behind the Scenes feature were we will get to know some of the staff who work at the Citizens' Theatre. There are a vast number of greatly varied jobs in theatre. We hope you'll enjoy finding out more about them...

NAME: Kathryn Tetlow
JOB TITLE: Cutter (Wardrobe)

Key Responsibilities: Cutting patterns for costumes to be made “in-house”, fitting them and organising their manufacture.

How long have you worked at the Citizens? Almost 7 and a half years.

Did you have to train specifically to do your job? I did Fashion and Art at A Level and a HND in Theatre Wardrobe at Mabel Fletcher College in Liverpool.
What’s your favourite thing about your job? Cutting “pukka” period costumes (doesn’t happen very often!) and drinking Lin’s tea. Lin has worked at the Citz as a costume maker for 8 years. That’s approx 14,400 cups of tea she has made.

What’s your least favourite thing about your job? Linn getting the huff and refusing to make tea! Putting in invisible zips, working with nasty, difficult fabrics and doing fittings with demanding actors/designers. Luckily most actors and designers are pleasant to work with.

My hero is…
It was Grace Darling and William Boothe when I was a nipper, but really anyone who sticks their neck out to change things for the better.

You probably don’t know this about me, but… I like Brussel Sprouts and think Herbert Lom is sexy. (Ed. I totally agree)

My first ever album was… I’d like to say something by Velvet Underground or Black Sabbath, but it was Showaddywaddy – Greatest Hits 76/78. I didn’t fancy Dave Bartram though.

My desert island luxury would be… a samovar

I wish I could… Speak another language fluently and dance the tango (not necessarily at the same time).

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Getting festive

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's been snowing inside the Citz! There appears to be little snow trails throughout the offices, which on closer inspection are actually polystyrene shavings. That gives away a little of the magic behind the fantastic set for Peter Pan, which is currently being built in "the run".

We have had record numbers of advance bookings for Peter Pan and are looking forward to welcoming lots of families into the theatre when it all begins on 1 December. This year we are also running through into the new year, so if you fancy a good night out, before the schools start back, you will be able to see Peter Pan right up until 5 January. Click Peter Pan to find out more.

Here at the Citz, we have regular little tea parties to wish staff members happy birthday. Today was the biggest turn out I have ever seen for a tea party! I'll not embarrass anyone by mentioning ages...but I thought it would be nice to wish Ribbie a very happy birthday from everyone at the theatre!