Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Still another week to see Waiting for Godot

There's still another week of our highly acclaimed run of WAITING FOR GODOT. The reviews are all in now, so here's the verdict from the critics:

Gerry Mulgrew and Kevin McMonagle flesh out Beckett's tramps, Vladimir and Estragon, with equal measures of pathos, linguistic and philosophical discourse, and silent comedy farce. Think an existential Francie and Josie trapped in a limo of mundane repetition... while time may drag for them, it certainly doesn't for the audience.'
Metro ****

By the time we're left alone with a pair pf neatly laid out tackety-boots, sitting before the sort of red velvet drapes that fall on tributes to dead comedians, we know we've been subject to some kind of showbiz heaven...Kevin McMonagle and Gerry Mulgrew spark off each other with the sort of pronounced gallus patter that lays bare their co-dependence as a set of painfully familiar routines, with the only punchline the prospect of death... Beckett's running gags are reapeated, then stretched and subverted beyond what initially looks like throwaway one-liners'
The Herald ****

'[The cast] play the characters as if they were someone you might meet in the street outside, and treat the language as if it were normal as everyday conversation... it all makes for a human and humane Godot. Without being either self-consciously vaudevillean or portentously solomn, it manages to be the tragi-comedy that Beckett prescribes and which is true to life.'
The Times ***

'this authoritative Citizens' production shows us adversity and laughs in it's face.'
The Guardian ****

'[Waiting for Godot] has been recognised as one of the greatest plays of the 20th century; and in Guy Hollands' beautiful, lucid production it's easy to see why'
The Scotsman ****

'The production is blessed with some superb casting. In particular, Gerry Mulgrew and Kevin McMonagle are inspired choices are Vladimir (the tramp plagued by a dodgy prostate) and his friend Estragon.'
Sunday Herald

Waiting for Godot is rarely performed on this scale and it may be some time before this classic work will be performed again on a Scotish stage. You can book by calling 0141 429 0022 or clicking here.

Six Characters in Search of an Author Production Images

Here's a few of the images from last week's opening of Six Characters in Search of an Author- just to whet your appetite!

Photogrpahs by Richard Campbell.

Everyone's talking about....

Six Characters in Search of an Author, the second of our co-productions with Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh and the National Theatre of Scotland, opened in Edinburgh last week. A contingent from the Citz went through for the opening night and a great time was had by all. The critics were all in as well, of course, so here's a few snippets of what they thought:

'The pull of the narrative keeps us on board, so we hardly notice we have been caught up in an esoteric debate about the nature of art, character and reality'

'Newcomer Amy Manson gives the performance of the evening, playing the step-daughter with termendous sensitivity to the switchers from irony to humiliation...'

'Their lingering presence at the end of the show, like spectres after the ball, leaves us with a chill sensation of the haunting power of the imagination'
The Guardian ****

'The play is not only startlingly imaginative, it is also profoundly humanistic'

'a truly handsome and memorable production'
Sunday Herald *****

'a beautifully observed take on the theatrical process'

'A fascinating production which makes the plot asy to follow and is gripping from start to finish'

''Love it or hate it, you'll definately talk about it'
Edinburgh Evening News ****

Six Characters comes to the Citizens' on 12 March, so if you want to find out what everyone's talking about then book now!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Six Characters - exclusive interviews with cast

Exclusive footage from the rehearsal rooms of Six Characters in Search of an Author, the Pirandello classic that opens with us here at the Citz on the 12th March. This really is 'behind the scenes' as the lead actors describe their love of the play and of the process. Just hit the play button below. If you have any problems viewing it here, you can also view it on You Tube by clicking HERE. Ax

Friday, 15 February 2008

Six Characters - exclusive new footage

Our second co-production with the Royal Lyceum Theatre and National Theatre of Scotland, Six Characters in Search of an Author opens in Edinburgh next week before coming to its Glasgow home here at the Citz on the 12th March. We have some exclusive footage to share with you before then however, and first up is a trailer for the show to whet your appetite for the live performance in a few weeks time. Simply hit the play button below to start the trailer. If you have any problems viewing it here, you can also see the trailer on You Tube by clicking HERE. Enjoy! Ax

Wait no more, Godot finally arrives!

Well, our production does anyway - I make no promises about the man himself!

After weeks of tantalising tit-bits our hotly anticipated production of Waiting for Godot opens tonight. There is a real buzz about the theatre today, which I personally really love. This is our first in-house production of the season, so we're looking forward to welcoming you all back, as there's nothing better than the atmosphere of this building when our foyer is full of people chatting, drinking and often debating! Plus there's the satisfaction of seeing the rehearsals that you have watched and the sets you've seen only half-built, finally come together and be performed in all it's glory!

For those of you who aren't lucky enough to have a ticet for tonight, here's a sneak preview of our production pictures taken by Eamonn McGoldrick.


Monday, 11 February 2008

The Buzz

I am a geek a heart and have been dreaming about making a Tag cloud for ages. Given that our children and young people's theatre company is called TAG, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. If you don't know what a Tag cloud's our new section on the right hand side called "The Buzz". Here you'll be able to see the subjects our blog is talking about.

The biggest words are those subjects which are referred to most often. This should help you browse the blog for entries that are relevant to you, whether our two current shows - Waiting for Godot and Wee Fairy Tales (both at the Citz this week)...or Corporate Training events, there should always be something to grab your attention.

This feature has also been added to TAG's blog - which gives you loads of info about the projects and productions we create specifically for children and young people.

Happy reading.


Thursday, 7 February 2008

Fascinating facts...

The last time TAG performed Waiting for Godot here at the Citizens' was in 1982. In a break from traditional casting it featured an all female cast, much to the chagrin of Samuel Beckett’s Estate.

Beckett famously objected when women’s theatre companies began staging the play during his lifetime, with the assertion that women don’t have prostrates (referencing Vladimir’s constant departures from the stage to urinate), and accordingly made stipulation against the casting of female actresses in the licence of the work. The Estate was satisfied that in this case the breach was unintentional and acknowledged that the production had been met with critical acclaim, however sought assurance that no further performances would take place!

Below are some photographs from this controversial production Cx

Photos by Anthony Brannan

Vari Sylvester(above)
The Company (below)
Anne Myatt (above)

Janis Tallis (above)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Behind the Scenes

NAME: Elly Goodman
JOB TITLE: Citizens' Learning and TAG - Project Worker

Key Responsibilities: Delivering educational Projects – workshops – specialist Drama Sessions – Assisting on Educational/Community Productions

How long have you worked at the Citizens?
July 2007

Did you have to train specifically to do your job?
Yes I trained at the RSAMD and have subsequently worked for 18 years as a freelance Theatre Practitioner – specialising in Educational Drama and Community work – Directing Productions - Lecturing at University and collaborating with Multi Disciplinary Artists
What’s your favourite thing about your job? The rich variety it brings on a daily basis – whether that be working with Young People to adults – all with a wide range of requirements! I enjoy working from a base with like minded people.

What’s your least favourite thing about your job? Paperwork and washing out dirty cups

My hero is… ?

You probably don’t know this about me, but… I love Salsa dancing and I plan to dance in the latin American Dance championships Next Year

My first ever album was…‘Madness’ I think…… or embarrassingly ‘ Rush’

My desert island luxury would be… Bag of Salt N vinegar Crisps – glass of white wine

I wish I could… Play in the Welsh National Colliery band

Monday, 4 February 2008

Waiting for Godot: In the rehearsal room

With only a week to go before Waiting for Godot opens on our main stage, things in the rehearsal rooms are cranking up a notch. As you can see they have been getting a feel for the props from a the word go (meaning our Deputy Stage Manager, Rosanna, has to ensure a constant supply of carrots and turnips!).

As well as slipping into some bits of costume, both Kevin and Gerry have been working with the infamous bowler hats - Beckett claimed that the fact that both the main characters were wearing them was the one thing he knew for sure about his characters!

Photographs by Eamonn McGoldrick