Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Is blogging changing theatre criticism?

I just received an email to tell me that Mark Fisher's blog has been updated. I read his latest entry and discovered a couple of links to some other really interesting articles.

Ben Harrison from Grid Iron is currently blogging in Lebanon, and Michael Billington from The Guardian asks the question, "Is blogging changing theatre criticism?".

Given our recent move to blogging, here at the Citizens', I thought this might be of interest.


Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Exclusive design preview

We had a very exciting meeting last week with Jeremy Raison (Director) and Jason Southgate (Designer) to look at some of the designs for Peter Pan - the Citizens' Christmas Show 2007. Below is an exclusive look at some of Jason's drawings. You can see lots more here.


Friday, 21 September 2007

How was it for you? Text us!

Our hotly anticipated production of HAMLET opened last night to a packed preview house. It seemed to go down well with the audience and we are eagerly awaiting reviews in the press following tonight's performance. But it isn't just critics we want to hear from. If you've seen the show, tell us what you think. Just text CITZ and your comments to 61211 (usual text charges apply). Ax

First steps

Welcome to the brand new blog from the Citizens' Theatre. We are planning to provide lots of news and behind-the-scenes insights into the diverse work that goes on in our wonderful building in the heart of the Gorbals.

Until we get going, you can read TAG's blog here - TAG runs our work for children and young people.