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"In this brave and brilliant new version of the play...if the whole show seems to be walking a high-wire between breathtaking genius and complete absurdity, the sense of danger only makes the spectacle more exciting, and Rachael Stirling's central performance as Medea more thrilling to watch".
The Scotsman ★★★★★

Ruari Murchison's vivid set
"My god, it was mind blowing! It has to be the most powerful & spectacular show I have seen. I walked out into the Foyer & my mind was totally blowing away aha. Amazing peformance! Well done to all the actors & actresses ♥"
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"Diana Rigg gave an award-winning performance as Medea. I saw that production...and I can say with some conviction that her daughter, Rachael Stirling, gives a performance every bit as thrilling in the same role in this new production." 
The Times  ★★★★

"#Medea at @citizenstheatre - Mike Bartlett's new version like Euripides brought up on diet of Mike Leigh and Roman Polanski - powerful stuff"
Tweet by @MrAlanMorrison

Adam Levy and Rachael Stirling. Photos by Manuel Haran
“Stirling’s remarkable portrayal of the anti-heroine is simultaneously, disconcertingly erratic and frighteningly implacable.”

The Telegraph ★★★

"Fanbloodywelltastic and I hope to go again before the run finishes. Must see theatre. Mx"
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"Medea @citizenstheatre: Plays out surprisingly funny but reckons as it must in blood. A well-written, near televisual Tragedy for Today."
Tweet by @DavidMartinDMA
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