Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Fever Dream's A Pure Riot, So It Is

So, after weeks of hunting round the Southside, we finally know the answer to "Where's Terry?"

Douglas Maxwell's new play opened to the press on Saturday 25 April, and audiences are having a riot of a time at this "weird and chaotic" (The Guardian) show at the Citz.
Martin Donaghy and Charlene Boyd in Fever Dream: Southside. Credit Tim Morozzo
" ambitious hymn to human solidarity." ★★★★ The Guardian
"...a fantastical love letter, not just to the Govanhill neighbourhood it is set in, but to the city itself. "  ★★★★ The Herald
"...a mighty exploding bin-bag of ideas, images and slightly battered characters."
★★★★ The Scotsman 
"rending the Citz as a highly recommendable destination for the next two weeks." ★★★★ The Public Reviews 
"Maxwell’s script weaves between delirium and social realism, for an intelligent blend of the mythical and the realistic." ★★★★ The Stage  

Martin Donaghy and Scott Reid in Fever Dream: Southside. Credit Tim Morozzo

Martin McCormick and Charlene Boyd in Fever Dream: Southside Credit Tim Morozzo.

You can catch up with more of what our audiences think of the show on our Storify

Don't miss out on this rough 'n' ready Glaswegian - what's the opposite of a fairytale? Whitever - play, or Terry'll be after you. Knowwhitahmean?


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Josh Peltier

We were very sad to receive the news in the early hours of the morning of Tuesday 21 April that our friend Josh Peltier had passed away.

Josh Peltier. Credit Tommy Ga-Ken Wan
Josh was a member of Debajehmujig Storytellers, the group of First Nation Storytellers who travelled from Manitoulin Island, Canada to work with the Citizens Theatre and nearly 200 volunteer performers, musicians and singers to create On Common Ground, part of Festival 2014, part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme.

Credit Karen Gordon
Along with the rest of the Global Savages, Josh brought his love and enthusiasm for his culture and heritage of the Anishnaabe to Glasgow, and embraced Glaswegian life whole-heartedly.

Josh's blog post about arriving in Glasgow

Helping out at the bingo in the Gorbals

As well as performing in the show, Josh brought his talent as an artist to create lots of amazing artwork in our foyer, turning the Citizens Theatre into a little corner of Manitoulin Island.

Josh also brought his stories and fables focusing on nature   to On Common Ground, and shared these with visitors to Glasgow for Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games at the BBC at the Quay event

Storytelling at BBC at the Quay at the BBC's Pacific Quay Studios.

On Common Ground was led by our Learning team, and everyone at the Citizens Theatre was involved in bringing this ambitious project to life and welcoming Debajehmujig and all the volunteers, participants and audience members to the Gorbals. We are so grateful to Josh and all at Debajehmujig for their commitment and enthusiasm to helping achieve this goal.

Dawn Arrival of the Global Savages to Glasgow. Credit Tim Morozzo

Josh travelled to Scotland with his friends the Global Savages, who included his wife, Jessica Wilde-Peltier. Everyone at the Citizens Theatre sends love and good wishes to Jessica, Debajehmujig and all of Josh's friends and family.

Members of the Citizens Theatre will be gathering in the Gorbals Rose Garden where On Common Ground took place next Tuesday 28 April at 6pm. All are welcome to come and share their memories of Josh and On Common Ground 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Fever Dream: Southside - A Portrait of the Writer

Writer Douglas Maxwell's new play Fever Dream: Southside gets its first performance next Saturday 25 April at the Citizens Theatre. 

A colourful representation of our very own neighbourhood, Fever Dream: Southside was actually created as a self-portrait of the writer and the feelings he had about his community shortly after the birth of his first child.  

Writer Douglas Maxwell. Credit Stuart Black

Here's Douglas explaining his inspiration for the play in his own words:

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


The Arches' Behaviour Festival 2015 comes to the Citizens with the award-winning Lippy by Irish theatre company Dead Centre

Lippy is inspired by the mysterious events surrounding the deaths of four Irish women in County Kildare in 2000, apparently as the result of an act of self-annihilation. The three sisters and their elderly aunt were found locked in their home having starved to death. The lack of documentation or evidence of the days leading up to the last time the women were seen has left their deaths open to speculation.