Monday, 28 January 2008

Behind the Scenes

NAME: Helen Black
JOB TITLE: Marketing & Projects Officer

Key Responsibilities: I lead on the marketing activity for work which originates from the Citizens’ Learning and TAG department, i.e. The Citizens’ Community Company, YOUNG Co., TAG, drama classes and lots of educational and participatory projects. I work closely with everyone in this department and with Cat and Alison in Marketing.

How long have you worked at the Citizens? I started with TAG in July 2002 when the company were based in the Merchant City. TAG and Citizens’ re-integrated nearly two years ago and I’ve worked in the theatre since then.

Did you have to train specifically to do your job? I did a marketing degree at Strathclyde…actually a Joint Hons with manufacturing engineering. I have been an arts marketer since 2000, but have found that many other folk doing this job don’t have any marketing related qualifications. You can get into it without having specialist training because there are so many courses you can go on after you start. The TMA run a brilliant intensive week course called the Essentials of Marketing which was great for making contacts and the AMA run loads of training. What’s your favourite thing about your job? Without trying to sound too “worthy” you can really feel proud of what’s achieved in the end. I also like working on new projects all the time. I guess some jobs are very repetitive, but the joy of this job is that with each new project or production comes a brand new set of themes, ideas, target audience etc. So it’s refreshing to be able to get your teeth into lots of new subjects.

What’s your least favourite thing about your job? There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day! The piles of paper and to-do lists just grow and grow.

My hero is… Henry Rollins (Rollins for President!!)

You probably don’t know this about me, but… I have 3 Blue Peter badges, all runners-up badges. I drew a stamp (a Kingfisher by a river), I designed Santaworld in Lapland and I designed a boss for the roof of York Minster, after it burnt down. Actually…you might know this, I tell everyone!

My first ever album was… Running in the Family by Level 42

My desert island luxury would be… my cat

I wish I could… play the guitar. I also wish I could spend less time in front of a computer and more time out in the countryside.

Friday, 25 January 2008

They Shoot Horses...

As you may know the next collaboration between the Citizens' Theatre and Turning Point Scotland (hot on the heels of Ice Cream Dreams) will be an adaptation of They Shoot Horses Don't They?...a story which is known by many as the 1969 Jane Fonda film.

Designer Neil Haynes, has completed the set model and work has commenced on creating the backdrops.
Along with many other magical secrets, the Citizens' Theatre is home to the only original working paint frame in Scotland. This fantastic space is located by our workshops, behind the main stage, and has a platform where scenic artists can paint backdrops which are winched up to allow easy access to huge cloths.

As I arrived back to the theatre from a meeting with Alison (our Marketing Manager), we bumped into Neil Packham (who is directing They Shoot Horses...). He excitedly brought us to the paint frame to see the work so far. I think you'll agree this looks pretty impressive.

I can't wait to see the whole set now.


Thursday, 24 January 2008

Who is Godot anyway?

Did you know that many people believe Waiting for Godot is influened by the likes of Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin? Waiting for Godot is so often though of as a 'difficult work' but it's a play with a strong element of humour, albeit dark, so we wanted to give you an insight into the fun and games that are going on in the rehearsal room.

Here's our very own comedy duo, Gerry Mulgrew (Vladimir) and Kevin McMonagle (Estragon) in a photoshoot we did earlier this week!

Photographs by Eamonn McGoldrick.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Drama Classes - new term starts this weekend

Each weekend, during term time, the Citizens' Theatre welcomes over 200 children and young people (along with their families) through the doors of the theatre for our drama classes.

TAG runs 16 different drama classes for 4-15 year olds on Saturday and Sundays. Not only do we provide high quality, fun, drama workshops; but parents and guardians are invited to enjoy a quiet moment in the foyer accompanied by the weekend papers and FREE tea and coffee.
We have some spaces left in our 4-5s, 11-12s and 13-15s classes. The term starts this weekend, so if you know someone who'd enjoy the classes, please call now to book on 0141 429 0022. You can read more about our classes on TAG's website.