Thursday, 31 January 2013

Love the Arts, Leave to the Arts

Love the arts, leave to the arts is a new initiative from Arts & Business Scotland to encourage art lovers to leave a legacy to a cultural organisation.
DURING FEBRUARY 2013 - you have the opportunity to get a basic Will written, or amended, free of charge by participating law firms if you leave a legacy to an arts charity taking part in Love the arts, Leave to the arts.

The Citizens Theatre is taking part in this initiative. By leaving a legacy, you could make a lasting contribution to scotland’s cultural landscape and help us reach even more people with our vital work. After you have provided for family and friends, leaving a percentage of your estate to the theatre will provide a gift that will keep on giving to new audiences and participants for many years to come.

We believe that theatre and the arts have an essential role to play in bringing about positive social change. Your gift could transform lives.

For more information and contacts for participating Scottish Law Firms, see Arts and Business.

See more ways you can support the Citz through individual giving and seat dedications.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Reclaim your Facebook feed

Have you noticed that you are missing out on updates from many of the bands, organisations, venues and celebrities that you may follow on Facebook?

What is the point of signing up as a fan, if Facebook decides whether or not you get to see their news? Chances are you may not even realise how much you're missing out on. From news and competitions to great photos and banter from online communities.

We looked online and found a site that show you an easy way to make sure you see all the updates from your favourite "interests".

Here's what to do!

You can do this for friends as well as pages!

Increased interaction will keep updates in your news feed, but we know lots of you like to read news but not necessarily comment or 'like". So, if that's you, then hopefully this list idea will help to keep you in-the-know.

CC Picture by Sean McEntee on Flickr

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Game for a Laugh? Comedy Festival Returns to the Citz

We can’t wait to welcome some of the best names in comedy onto our stage in March as the Glasgow International Comedy Festival celebrates its second decade. The stars of comedy will descend upon Glasgow for over 2 weeks of hilarity as the Festival kicks off on Thursday 14 March.

This year, at the Citz we host another full week of shows including a brilliant and varied bunch, some old friends like Chris Addison and some who'll be brand new to the Citz stage. To whet your appetite, here’s a selection of clips we found on YouTube.

Please note some of these clips may contain swearing.

Mon 25 Mar | Richard Herring Talking Cock

Wed 27 Mar | Chris Addison - The Time in Now Again

Thu 28 Mar | John Shuttleworth Out of Our Sheds

Fri 29 Mar | Phill Jupitus -  You're Probably Wondering Why I've Asked You Here 

Sat 30 Mar | Fred MacAulay - The First 25 Years

In addition to the acts above, we also have:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Takin' over the airwaves - help us build a killer playlist

Takin' Over the Asylum is about a psychiatric hospital radio station. Their new DJ, Ready Eddie McKenna "Soul Survivor" has a box full of incredible soul and R&B records which form an amazing soundtrack for the show.

We grabbed a copy of the playlist from our production team and here in it's full glory is the soundtrack courtesy of Spotify, which features 28 tunes we're sure you'll enjoy.

TAKIN' OVER THE ASYLUM - Soundtrack to the Stage Show 

SOUL SURVIVORS - Add Your Requests

These tunes are great, but we know there are so many more Soul and R&B classics from the glory days of Motown and Stax. We want you to add your favourite tracks to our Soul Survivors playlist to build another crackin' playlist to get you through the week!

  • Download and create Spotify login
  • Search for "Soul Survivors" and click on our playlist
  • Click Subscribe
  • Add your favourite tracks (simply browse and drag onto playlist)
OR - just tell us on Facebook or Twitter and we'll add them.

by Donna Franceschild
A new stage version of the hit 90s BBC TV series

14 Feb - 9 Mar 2013
Citizens Theatre

13 Mar - 6 Apr
Lyceum Theatre

Cast includes: Iain Robertson, Brian Vernel, Helen Mallon, Caroline Paterson, Molly Innes, Grant O'Rourke, Martin McCormick, Gayle Madine, Gregor Firth and Lucy Hollis.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Online responses to The Maids

Please note this performance is recommended for 16+ due to nudity, adult themes & scenes of a sexual nature. The overwhelming response so far has been positive, but we know this show is not to everyone's taste, so please consider this content warning.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Stewart and Scott talk about The Maids

Just released today - here's our new trailer for Jean Genet's The Maids.

Director/Designer Stewart Laing and guitar coach Scott Paterson (Sons & Daughters, The Kills) talk about our new production of Jean Genet's cult classic, The Maids, which opens next week...gulp!

The last time The Maids was performed in the Gorbals, at the Close Theatre, it was directed by Lindsay Kemp (who famously taught David Bowie mime) and starred Tim Curry. This time Stewart Laing will apply his unique aesthetic style to Genet's much-loved play, incorporating live music (from David Bowie, The Velvet Underground and Metallica) - tutored by Glasgow rock and roller Scott Paterson.

This play has a cult following, but deserves to reach new audiences. We hope Stewart's interpretation will be just the version to do that. This is a disconcerting play that will get you talking afterwards, not least because true to Genet's anarchic vision, the three female roles will all be played by young men.

For more on Jean Genet and Stewart's interpretation read Neil Cooper's preview article in THE HERALD.

17 Jan - 2 Feb 2013

Cast includes: Samuel Keefe, Ross Mann and Scott Reid.

Recommended for 16+
Adult themes, nudity & scenes of a sexual nature.