The Monster in Macau

The Monster in the Hall cast and crew are in Macau preparing to take part in the Festival de Artes de Macau. David Carlyle sent me an up-date from the road:

"...getting wifi access has been tough - the only place we've found with it is a swing park down the road from our hotel....and it's hard work sitting out in the baking sun - your iPhone actually starts to burn your hand. [Ed. oh it's a hard life!].

Beth, Gemma, Guy (Director) and David.
So Macau is hot. Like, really hot. You can imagine a bunch of pale blue Weegies wandering around in 30C heat with 90% humidity...I swear the locals are laughing at us. :-) Today in fact, Mr Hollands and I stopped to consult our map and one man stood next to us, looked us both dead in the eye and laughed and pointed....fair play to him, we must look ridiculous. The people of Macau are so friendly and helpful - we don't understand a word of each other but both willing to engage in some primitive mime and look and feel silly and we get through to each other in the end!

Diverse architecture in Macau
We're only on our third day here so not actually had a great deal of access into the theatre - did a full run through yesterday and it went fine! Tonight is our first show so should be interesting...hopefully the audience aren't too confused and follow the story...will keep you posted! :-)

Spot Gemma
All just getting used to this new world so the first couple of days have been a lot of exploring and a getting used to the climate and time change. There's so much to see. One half of Macau is very old and traditional (Portuguese and Chinese influenced architecture) and the other half is Casino heaven

- bright lights, skyscrapers, expensive shops, glamorous cars...It's amazing. There are times when we all stop and stare open mouthed at the scale of the buildings and parks. The four of us cast members went up the Macau tower for a sky high 360 degree view of Macau, Taipa Island and mainland China. Beth got a bit jelly legged on the glass floor...

Beth, Keith and Gemma coping with the dizzying heights.
I'll keep you updated as we move into the theatre and start doing some shows and discussions and workshops.

Hope all is well back home! I'm off into go into an air conditioned room... :-)


We'll keep you posted on any more news from Macau!


Carter Iong said…
Glad to watch this great show in Macau.
Thank you for sharing in the workshops after the show, the 3nights workshops is the wonderful
moment for me.
Maybe it is diffcult for me taking chance to watch yr show in coming future.
Miss you so much, Guy, David, Gemma, Keith & Beth.

Carter @Macau
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