Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Two lovely and very talented actresses are in the building, making final preparations for the rarely performed Footfallsthe second play in our double bill of Beckett here at the Citz. 

Kathryn Howden as Goneril (right) in King Lear
 Hot out of the glamorous heels of playing Goneril (the eldest daughter) in the King Lear; Kathryn Howden returns as the main character – and only visible performer - May in Footfalls. I caught up with her in the foyer and got chatting. Kathryn comes from a showbiz family: her partner is actor Gilly Gilchrist (River City, Lip Service, Rob Roy); her brother actor Lewis Howden (currently appearing in David Harrower’s play A Slow Air with Tricycle Theatre) and her father is actor and legendary stand up comedian Happy Howden! Not forgetting Hollie, Kathryn’s daughter who by all accounts is a budding writer at the age of 7…something in the genes?

Kay Gallie (right) in The Steamie - 25th Anniversary Tour
Supporting Kathryn in her role is veteran actress Kay Gallie who plays the part of the Voice. Another returnee Kay’s first ever acting job was at the Citizens Theatre many years ago. You might recognise her better as Mrs Culfeathers from The Steamie; a part she has played no fewer than 5 times, including the recent 25th Anniversary Tour!

Kay has a rather interesting challenge in Footfalls in that she never appears onstage! Only Kay’s voice is heard live at every performance.

We hope you'll take a risk on our minimalist theatre double-bill, as a fitting end to Dominic Hill's first season as Artistic Director.

Christine (Temp Marketing Officer)

Krapps Last Tape opens from tomorrow night, as a double bill with Footfalls, another of Samuel Beckett's short plays. Until Sat 9 June.

Welcome Back Gerard

This week, I caught a sneaky peek of Krapp’s Last Tape starring old friend of the Citz, Gerard Murphy – perk of the job - the show has its first preview tonight!

Gerard (Right) in Chinchilla 1977
Blockbuster movies aside, this guy is a true star! Not only does he have an illustrious history here at the Citizens (somewhat of a Glasgow heartthrob in the 70’s!) but he has made his mark in many of the countries top theatres as well as through numerous movie and TV parts. Winding down the other night I turned on my TV and there he was….in an episode of Father Ted!
Mr Murphy in Soldiers 1993
It’s been 14 years since Gerard last performed here at the Citz in a 1998 production of Macbeth.  Not his first time in this role at this theatre either; he played Macbeth to David Hayman’s Lady Macbeth in 1979 – wish I had seen this!

David Hayman as Lady Macbeth to Gerard's Macbeth 
“As Macbeth, Gerard Murphy, a husky young actor, follows the upward and downward graph of the murderer’s career with physical vigour and great vocal power.”
From The Stage, March 15, 1979

Gerard came to the Citz like many of that era as an aspiring young actor. He went on during the mid to late seventies to perform in over 20 productions including The Changeling, 1976, The Country Wife, 1977, and Chinchilla 1977 &79’  I asked him how he felt about returning to the Citz, he said:

“I came for 3 months and stayed for three years and I’m still coming back.”
As with many actors it seems the Citz still has a special place in his heart.

Christine (Temp Marketing Officer)

Krapps Last Tape opens from tomorrow night, as a double bill with Footfalls, another of Samuel Beckett's short plays. Until Sat 9 June.

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Monster in Macau

The Monster in the Hall cast and crew are in Macau preparing to take part in the Festival de Artes de Macau. David Carlyle sent me an up-date from the road:

"...getting wifi access has been tough - the only place we've found with it is a swing park down the road from our hotel....and it's hard work sitting out in the baking sun - your iPhone actually starts to burn your hand. [Ed. oh it's a hard life!].

Beth, Gemma, Guy (Director) and David.
So Macau is hot. Like, really hot. You can imagine a bunch of pale blue Weegies wandering around in 30C heat with 90% humidity...I swear the locals are laughing at us. :-) Today in fact, Mr Hollands and I stopped to consult our map and one man stood next to us, looked us both dead in the eye and laughed and pointed....fair play to him, we must look ridiculous. The people of Macau are so friendly and helpful - we don't understand a word of each other but both willing to engage in some primitive mime and look and feel silly and we get through to each other in the end!

Diverse architecture in Macau
We're only on our third day here so not actually had a great deal of access into the theatre - did a full run through yesterday and it went fine! Tonight is our first show so should be interesting...hopefully the audience aren't too confused and follow the story...will keep you posted! :-)

Spot Gemma
All just getting used to this new world so the first couple of days have been a lot of exploring and a getting used to the climate and time change. There's so much to see. One half of Macau is very old and traditional (Portuguese and Chinese influenced architecture) and the other half is Casino heaven

- bright lights, skyscrapers, expensive shops, glamorous cars...It's amazing. There are times when we all stop and stare open mouthed at the scale of the buildings and parks. The four of us cast members went up the Macau tower for a sky high 360 degree view of Macau, Taipa Island and mainland China. Beth got a bit jelly legged on the glass floor...

Beth, Keith and Gemma coping with the dizzying heights.
I'll keep you updated as we move into the theatre and start doing some shows and discussions and workshops.

Hope all is well back home! I'm off into go into an air conditioned room... :-)


We'll keep you posted on any more news from Macau!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

CATS Award - 5 nominations for Citz

We are absolutely delighted to receive 5 nominations in the 2011-12 Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland: Best Design, Best Ensemble, Best Director, Best Music and Best Production.

BEST DESIGN | Colin Richmond/Chris DaveyBetrayal


 | Paddy CunneenKing Lear


BEST DIRECTOR | Dominic Hill, Betrayal

We're very proud to have received so many accolades in this, Dominic Hill's first season as Artistic Director.  The nominations, which were announced today will be presented in a ceremony at the Tron Theatre on Sunday 10 June 2012.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out if we win or buy some tickets to come along and find out first! Keep your fingers crossed!

See the CATS website for a full list of nominees.

Betrayal Pics: Richard Campbell | King Lear Pics: Tim Morozzo 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Reactions to King Lear

This is a work-in-progress which is being added to over time. This represents just a small sample of what's being said online!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

50p tickets are back!

It's that time again. Set your alarm clock, find a keen friend and look out a warm jacket.

At 10am on Saturday (14 April)
100 King Lear tickets
go on sale for just 50p

There are 10 available in each of the first 10 performances of the run, so the earlier you get here, the more choice you'll have. It's very much first-come-first-served, cash only, up to 2 tickets each.

At the time of publishing this blog, it looks like it'll be dry until lunch, so queuers should be safe, but given our recent change from hot summer to winter weather conditions, it's best to check up-to-date info:

See the Met Office's forecast for the Gorbals.

Some people have been asking what happened last time - so here's the insider info - for Betrayal the first person in the queue arrived around 8.45am, with a steady build up after that. Once on sale at 10am, it took 35mins to sell out, but we do expect that King Lear might be busier.

If you're first to arrive, please queue against the wall from the right-hand-side of the front door (with the queue filling back towards the car shown above).

Our front doors will be open from 9am (to allow our Easter Academy participants access), but 50p tickets will go on sale at the advertised 10am. We hope to have King Lear himself (David Hayman) here to sell the first ticket!

To keep you warm and well fed while you wait, our coffee bar will be open from 9am serving frothy coffee's and a wide range of hot/cold drinks and snacks. Our special offer is buy a coffee and get one of our delicious homemade 'Speciality Scones' for just 50p.

Good luck!