Friday, 15 February 2019

Behind the scenes with costume designer Kenneth MacLeod

Ahead of the opening of The Dark Carnival, our co-production with Vanishing Point, we caught up with the talented Kenneth MacLeod who designed the set and costumes for this production.

Kenneth kindly shared his notes on three of the main characters and his original sketches, to show just how he brought them to life (or death as the case may be!).

The Narrator – played by Elicia Daly

The Narrator is the first character we meet in the Dark Carnival, and one of the most mysterious. All we know for sure is that she’s our guide to the proceedings. Her costume has a few subtle hints as to her true character. Overall she’s in a period of her own, but borrows a lot from 1950s and 1960s work wear.

Young John – played by Malcolm Cumming

A lot of the early design work for The Dark Carnival was examining the approach to burial clothes in the various periods our characters hail from. Young John, who has died young, is in smart clothes befitting a young man from a respectable background.

Mrs Mark – played by Ann Louise Ross

Mrs Mark has died far earlier, and while her costume has evolved since this early rendering, the concept has remained. Buried in the late Victorian era, his costume still has singed edges from her fiery demise.

With sixteen performers and musicians, we hope that you'll join us in the graveyard for this music and theatre spectacle!

The Dark Carnival runs from 19 February to 2 March at Tramway. Find out more about the production and book tickets.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Rena Hood Tribute

We were so sad to hear of the passing of long term Citizens Community Company member and Gorbalite Rena Hood, at the age of 90. 


It seems significant that Rena was in the very first Community Company production, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Rena discovered her theatrical passion at the age of 70, in Driving Out The Devil, by Bertolt Brecht in the Stalls Studio, following in the footsteps of Glenda Jackson. From that moment Rena never looked back in her theatrical escapades! Rena was an inspiration to everyone who worked with her or watched her enchanting and often playful, mischievous, comedic performances. She appeared in so many community productions in the Citizens studios and also on the main stage in Ice Cream Dreams, They Shoot Horses Don’t They?, The Grapes of Wrath,  Queens Of France, Where’s The Tramp, Where’s the Moon, The Ape Men, The Warriors The Others and Me, My Clydeside Valentine, Fair Friday, Here We Stay and numerous Wicked Christmases.                      

It is with particular fondness that we remember Rena making her entrance in the Circle Studio and entertaining the audiences with her performance. Whether that be as a Queen or Fairy, she always stole the show. 

We were lucky to be a part of Rena's life and the fact she was performing well into her 80s, is testament to her passion, determination and hard work.  Those who were fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Rena will have many precious memories, as she was always full of stories and mischief.  We are absolutely certain she is entertaining another troop of players elsewhere and regaling them with tales of growing up in the Gorbals and of her theatrical triumphs at the Citizens Theatre. 

We loved Rena as a performer and as a wonderful human being.

Here's a selection of photos of Rena in some of the many productions she took part in at the Citz over the years:

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Tommy Coll Tribute

The Citizens Theatre were very sad to hear of the passing of Tommy Coll who recently died, aged 54.
Tommy Coll
Tommy was a committed member of the Citizens Community Company and more recently our Community Collective. His first performance was in 2010, when he took part in a community opera On The Rim of the World. He went on to appear in many shows, both on the Main Stage and in the Circle Studio including, A Wicked Christmas, The Temptations of Tam, Fair Friday, Sports Day and our award winning Festival 2014 production, On Common GroundHe also delighted scores of children as Santa in our wee ones Christmas shows in the Circle Studio and most recently appeared in the final Community production at the theatre before it closed for redevelopment A Night to Remember

He was very proud of his affiliation with the Citizens Theatre and his talent, friendship and laughter will be sorely missed. 

Here's a selection of photos of Tommy in some of the many productions he took part in at the Citz over the last nine years: 

 Wicked Christmas, 2011
Wicked Christmas, 2011
Fair Friday, 2011
Temptations of Tam, 2012

Sports Day, 2014
 Community Company members at the Gorbals Fair.