Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Grapes of Wrath - behind the scenes documentary

We created a wee half hour documentary about The Grapes of Wrath. Below (split into 3 parts), is the full piece. Alternatively, you can watch the 5 min trailer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Thanks to Martyn at Urbancroft for all his hard work on this.


Monday, 12 July 2010

New Season Brochure available now

The shelves in our foyer are at this very moment being stacked with the new season brochures for Autumn 2010.

You can flick through the brochure below (hover and click "view in fullscreen" to see it bigger...you can even zoom in further) or visit Issuu to download your very own copy.

Thanks Freight for a lovely design job.

If you're on our postal mailing list, a copy will be winging it's way to you shortly. Alternatively you can grab yourself a copy if you're in the theatre, or from one of the many racks across the city.


Friday, 9 July 2010

Brand new iPhone App for Glasgow

There's a brand new iPhone app for Glasgow. It's called "The Style Mile" and although this sounds very fashion-focussed, and possible geographically limited, it's actually got loads of great info about shopping, attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels and going out right across the city.

It's totally free. I just downloaded it and had a bit of a play about. The shopping (which is really well categorised) seems mainly to be City Centre, which will act as a brilliant guide for city visitors, but the venues (...which I checked for obvious reasons!) are spread much wider than the City Centre.

All entries tell you a bit about the business, provide contact details, links to websites and a map.

It's very well put together and is really smooth to nav.

I'd definitely recommend checking this out, especially as it will fill over time with promotions from the listed businesses.

You can download it now from the App Store. Find out more on iTunes.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The ubiquitous girl...

I've been monitoring the twittersphere for mentions of our show The Girl in the Yellow Dress. Since it's still out in South Africa, I like to keep abreast of what's being said, before it hits our shores.

But, it's been really interesting just how many times people refer to "the girl in the yellow dress"...obviously nothing to do with the show. She seems to be a pretty magical girl. Here's a few of my recent favourites.

Darrynl: Had an awesome time on the dancefloor with the most stunning girl in a yellow dress at 80's on Wed night! :)

WordsOfaHooker: To the girl in the yellow dress and plastic sunglasses biking down Milwaukee with flowers in her bike basket: you are amazinggg!

WithLoveJoyce: @HayzLuvsJB omg:D man I love Kevin n glee and Travis. I had a dream I was the lucky girl in the yellow dress in their video of that girl :D

scottrougeux: FML DUDE!!! but at least "she" brightened my day, the girl in the yellow dress.

: @raywj, ray ,,, you willl find the girl wearing the yellow dress in hinchi pinchi to be very .. how do we put it .. mmm ... aTTractive ..

Photo by spikeyhelen

Plus, for no reason other than, I fancied it, I made a Flickr gallery of some nice pics of girls in yellow dresses.


Friday, 2 July 2010

Nightschoolers hit the Fringe!

This is one blog post I'm really chuffed to be writing. As you probably know we run adult drama classes called Nightschool. As a past participant, I can say with conviction that they're great. One of the absolute joys of Nightschool is the fact that it attracts a wide range of ages and abilities, and it's this diversity that makes it a very open and supportive atmosphere.

Most folk do the classes just for fun, whilst some manage to take it further. We have quite a few past participants who are now at drama college or acting with other companies. Recent Nightschooler Anna Lehr (along with Louise Thornton) is taking a show to this year's Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. She told me more:

"Originally from Germany where I had worked as an actress for several years, I came to the UK in 2006 and have not been acting ever since. Missing it greatly, I decided to sign up for the Citizens Nightschool in order to get "back in the game", brush up my skills and meet new people. And so I have! For the Nightschool Level 2 presentation, Elly teamed me up with a partner to devise a short dialogue and we got along so well that the two of us decided to form a company a bring a show to this year's Fringe.

We are called Louna Productions and our very first show is called "The Grim(m) Tales" - playing on my German heritage we will put on a gruesome display of original, lesser known fairytales; a mixture of storytelling and drama that is so twisted it is only suitable for adults..."

Anna and Louisa will be performing at Mata Hari@Espionage as part of The Laughing Horse's Free Festival on August 20th & 21st at 21:30.

All photos by Spudd Connor

The Admission is, as you probably guessed, FREE (but bookable). So if you're planning a festival trip this year, try ang get along to see The Grim(m) Tales.


If you think you'd like to give acting a go, find out more about Nightschool.