Monday, 29 February 2016

Blackbird Comes Home to Roost

David Harrower's 21st-century Scottish classic Blackbird came home to roost this week in a new production directed by our Main Stage Director in Residence Gareth Nicholls.
Paul Higgins and Camrie Palmer in Blackbird. Image by Tim Morozzo
Audiences and critics have been gripped by this ("immaculate production" The Scotsman ★★★★) which only runs until this Saturday 5 March. 
"brutal, exacting and emotionally fraught" The Stage ★★★★ 
          "Nicholls’ production does exert the icy grip of a ghost story"
           The Times ★★★★ 
"a thrilling but gruelling ride" The Reviews Hub  ★★★★ 

Paul Higgins has been winning praise for his role as Ray, the man who at the age of 40 entered into a sexual relationship with a twelve-year-old girl. Paul's TV roles include Michael Dugdale, the senior civil servant in Utopia who finds himself the victim of blackmail on an epic scale thanks in part to his own marital infidelity.
"Higgins’s Ray (known in his new life as 'Peter'), is a remarkably nuanced picture of barely sustained indignation mixed with regret, affection and fear. At times, his body language suggests that he is shrinking, as if he wants to disappear." The Telegraph ★★★★ 
"Paul Higgins is a haunted bag of neuroses who flits between humility and resentment at what he's lost" The Herald ★★★★ 
          "richly ambiguous two-hander, with Paul Higgins and Camrie Palmer excellent as the tortured pair" The Guardian ★★★★ 

Blackbird deals with a subject that continues to make headline news. There's no simple answers, but plenty of complicated and sometimes uncomfortable questions about morality and judgement that have been provoking long post-show chats in our bar.


Thursday, 11 February 2016

Checkmate! "A Clear Win" for Endgame

We've blown open the bunker and shared the shuffling machinations of Clov, Hamm, Nagg and Nell with audiences and critics. They've jumped into Beckett's absurd, strange and at times confusing world of Endgame with both feet - here's what they've had to say:

“a meticulously delineated stage world that never loosens its grip for an enthralling hour and a half” ★★★★★ The Herald

 "Hill, the Citz’s artistic director, has chalked up a clear win for them here" ★★★★★ What's On Stage
David Neilson as Hamm and Chris Gascoyne as Clov. Production images by Tim Morozzo
"hits home with nihilistic force" ★★★★ The Guardian 

"Hill’s production creates a haunting sense of the world beyond these bare walls"  ★★★★The Times (£) 

"There's a tremendous purity of bleakness about Dominic Hill’s masterly production.”  ★★★★ The Scotsman 

 "a suitably reverential treatment" ★★★★½ Reviews Hub

You've got until next Saturday 20 February to catch the play at the Citizens, before the production transfers to our co-producers HOME, Manchester  from 25 February - 12 March.