Saturday, 29 November 2008

Put 'em up, put 'em up!

From front of house to backstage, staff have been working round the clock (quite literally) to put the final touches to the Wizard of Oz preparations.

Our first preview is tonight. You might not know this, but every year the Citizens Theatre donates its takings from the charity preview to the Hospice. It’s a full house tonight, so a great start to the season and an excellent donation for charity.

All of the programme design entries have been mounted in the foyer, so if you entered, we hope you can come and find your design. There are loads!!

If you haven’t booked already, you can get your Wizard of Oz tickets here.


P.S. I took some snaps of the decorated foyer but haven’t been able to get them yet. They’re lost in cyberspace somewhere between my iphone and my inbox.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Design a Programme Cover Competition

Every year we challenge primary school children across the city to design a cover for the programme of our Christmas show, this year The Wizard of Oz. All we ask is that they let their imaginations run wild and be as creative as they can be. The winning entry wont necessarily be by the best drawer but will be bold and eye-catching and have something a little bit special!

This year we had a phenomenal response and received 473 entries from 16 different schools! It was a tough choice but we whittled it down to a shortlist of just six and put it to a vote amongst our theatre staff.

THE WINNER!! The lucky winner was a Mehvish Khalid, aged 10, who is a pupil at Victoria Primary School. Her prize is tickets for her whole class to come and see The Wizard of Oz and we're really looking forward to meeting her and showing her the finished programme with her design! Well done!

Here's the rest of the shortlist - we were really impressed by all the entries and our judging panel really struggled to narrow it down!

Carolyn Baker, age 11, St Convals Primary

Fraser Cowle, age 8, Cardonald primary

Kiara Bradbury, age 9, Victoria Primary

Craig Bell, age 8, Chirnsyde Primary

Darren McCarthy, age 11, Carntyne Primary

All the entries will be displayed in our foyer through the run of The Wizard of Oz. For more information or to book tickets click here.

Hope to see you there! Cx

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Young Co. on Tour - Blackout

This week sees Young Co. tour around Glasgow schools for the first time, with a fantastic new play by Davey Anderson. Blackout, which Young Co. premiered earlier in the summer (at the Royal National Theatre) is a hard-hitting true story about a 15-year-old boy called James who wakes up one day in a jail cell and discovers that he's getting charged with attempted murder.

Young Co. are taking Blackout into 9 schools this week for a performance and discussion. Members of Young Co. from the cast along with Davey Anderson have been blogging about their experiences.

You can read the entries in full on the TAG blog.


Thursday, 13 November 2008

Behind the scenes at 'Christmas Wrapped up!'

With Christmas just around the corner, we're thinking of little else here at the Citz! It seems we're not the only ones, as this week our 'Dorothy' was invited to take part in a photocall in Glasgow city centre, along with characters from all the other big Glasgow shows.

The photographs that appear in the paper are always very beautiful and glamorous but we thought you'd like to see what really goes on at these things - mostly, a lot of waiting about in the cold!

Say cheese everyone! Alongside our own Dorothy, the line up includes Mother Bruce from the Tron, Cinderella from The Kings and The Snow Queen from the Arches.

Dorothy and Cinderella get up close and personal with Santa!

Dorothy aka. Helen McAlpine takes time out from posing to give a quick interview for Glasgow City Marketing Bureau's podcast!

Holding the jackets is an inevitable part of a marketeers role - as demonstrated here by Alison, Marketing Manger here at the Citz.

And even after all the hard work is done - the girls (and Toto) still have time to pose for one last picture...


P.S. To find out more or to buy tickets click here!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Swedish Exchange - A 'Braw Partnership'

Myself, Martin and Elly from 'Citizens Learning and TAG' , have just returned from Sweden. I'm lucky as this is my third visit and have established an affinity with the area. We went to build on the partnership between the Citizens Theatre, Länsteatern (translated to city theatre) and 14* (their community company, named after the bus service that connects the outer suburb of Vivalla to Orebro, the city centre).

One important element of this exchange is that some members of our Community Company will visit Sweden in early May 2009 and perform there, this is thrilling and will make a fantastic contribution to the Community Company's 10th anniversay celebrations. A group from there, will visit us in June, we'll work together and create a piece of theatre to be shown at the end of our week together. We are calling this connection the "Braw Partnership" as "braw" is a Swedish word that translates to "good" and that's just braw!

The conference was very interesting, attended by theatre practitioners from all over the country, quite amazing how the seminar on our work, including the showing of the documentary, Shooting Horses was appreciated. Community drama is apparently a new concept in Sweden and our practice is now revered and will be talked of throughout many theatres in the country. Which gave us renewed confidence and pride in our work.

Also speaking at the conference was Eugene van Erven, from Utrecht, who has researched community theatre around the world, a very well informed man and someone I hope to meet again, maybe in his home town, to witness their work.

Socially we also had a good time with our new friends but the drink is expensive and still no sign of an IKEA...Now it's back to work with the Community Company and Wicked Christmas 3...can't wait...we'll be singing the Jingle Bells before we know it!


Monday, 3 November 2008

Great theatre on this week...

This week we are playing host to two great very diverse shows...

A NOVEMBER DAY, a charming piece of puppetry for 10-15 year olds, takes us on a journey through the lives of two brothers during the time of World War I. Thingumajig Theatre's timeless fable runs until Wednesday 5 November. Find out more/Buy tickets

Theatre Absolute's ZERO by Chris O'Connell is a chaotic, fast and furious production which takes an explosive and anarchic stare at the ethics of torture and the curse of censorship. Thursday 6 - Saturday 8 November. Find out more/Buy tickets


Reflecting on Reflections

Eleanor Capaldi is a member of the Citizens Young Co. and one one of the writers from the company's most recent performance piece "Reflections on the River". Eleanor has reflected on her experiences in the build up to the production...and the post show glow!...

"The Reflections journey began almost a year ago when the Citizens Young Co. conducted writing workshops with Peter Arnott of the Playwright's Studio. A basic insight into writing for the stage followed, but the project for me didn't fully get under way until next spring. In the middle of rehearsals for They Shoot Horses, Don't They? I happened to mention to Neil Packham that I had written a script for the Young Co. project, but hadn't really done anything with it since. In his usual encouraging and enthusiastic way Neil said to submit it, go for it, get involved. I did. And almost a year since the first writing workshops began, I was sitting in the audience watching five new plays performed in a beautiful set to a paying public..."

Click here to read the rest of Eleanor's fantastic article - a great insight into the experience of writing your first play and watching it being produced...well worth a read!

photo by Iain G Farrell...more here

TAG produces all of the Citz work for children and young people, which includes Citizens Young Co. You can read more Young Co. news on the TAG blog. Here's a link to all recent Young Co. posts.