Our actors take to the airwaves!

If anyone happened to tune into Awaz Fm yesterday morning you would have caught Gary Pillai from the cast of Wuthering Heights on the breakfast show, with Shez and Daniel. There was plenty of banter - including the all important sales pitch for the show - as well as Gary sharing some of his experiences working on films such as Far North, Franklyn and the tv series The Passion for BBC.
(Strangely, he seemed less keen to talk about his role in FamilyAffairs... remember that one?)

(Shez, Gary and Daniel)

Shez probed a bit deeper and Gary revealed that his most expensive purchase was a ring for himself from the world famous Tiffany's and that the thing he most disliked about himself was his patience (there are surely worse character traits!).

This is the boys first week in the breakfast slot, so Gary was delighted to be one of their first guests! Thanks to everyone there for making us feel so welcome.

If you fancy catching a bit of bollywood glamour then Wuthering Heights runs until Saturday and you can get tickets by calling 0141 429 0022 or online at www.citz.co.uk