Citizens Theatre Alumni

The Citizens Theatre has always been instrumental in fostering the early careers of many well-known actors. Here we look back at a few of our famous alumni as we get closer to returning to our Gorbals home.

Pierce Brosnan – Semi Monde – 1977

The Citizens Theatre has always been a champion of new talent, discovering and nurturing emerging artistic voices and helping to create new dramatic works. Our expanded studio theatre will form a pivotal part of the Citizens artistic vision, providing a platform for up-and-coming artists and the next generation of writers, performers and creative talent.

“A magical hall, as all theatres should be, where anything could happen.” – Mark Rylance

Mark Rylance – Don Juan – 1980

 Gary Oldman – Der Rosenkavalier – 1983   

Rupert Everett – Vortex – 1988

“…the theatre itself was a jewel inside. A dark crimson palace almost alone on a windy stretch of the Gorbals where the old tenements had been pulled down and forbidding towers raised. Her survival seemed a miracle.”  – Tim Curry

Tim Curry – The Maids – 1971 


The Theatre’s alumni regularly cite their time at the Citizens Theatre as some of the most formative experiences of their careers. 

“The Citz audience and the very stage itself, embraces you and whispers ‘go on, I dare you’.” – Roberta Taylor

Roberta Taylor – Private Lives – 1984

The new Citizens Theatre will celebrate our rich, creative history. Visit our website for more information about our redevelopment.