Cuttin' A Rug: Adventures in Paisley

Rehearsals for Cuttin' A Rug, the second instalment of John Byrne's much-loved Slab Boys trilogy, kicked off this weekSet on one evening in 1957 in Paisley's stunning Town Hall, Cuttin' A Rug picks up right where we left Phil, Spanky and rest of the Stobo & Co gang as they get ready for the annual staff dance.

Director Caroline Paterson (who herself has appeared in and directed The Slab Boys plays) took the team on a wee outing to Paisley for a tour of the Town Hall and the cast even enjoyed a spin on the ballroom floor!

 Cuttin' A Rug - Citizens Theatre -
L-R Assistant Director Izzie Milne Turner, Scott Fletcher (Hector), Anne Lacey (Mrs Walkinshaw), Laurie Ventry (Willie Curry), Louise McCarthy (Bernadette), Mark Barrett (Terry), Paul-James Corrigan (Spanky), Ryan Fletcher (Phil), Helen Mallon (Lucille) and Shaun Miller (Alan). Image by Shiona Walker. 
Our lovely tour guide Fiona showed us the beautiful ballroom and the balcony where much of the story unfolds, while Caroline shared lots of exciting ideas about her vision of the show ahead of opening at the Citizens Theatre in February.

 Cuttin' A Rug - Citizens Theatre -

 Cuttin' A Rug - Citizens Theatre -

 Cuttin' A Rug - Citizens Theatre -

After our tour we had a quick press call in front of the Town Hall in support of Paisley's bid to be UK City of Culture in 2021. Speaking about her visit Caroline said "I'm very excited about the company being in Paisley as John originally set the play in the Town Hall. I really want this production to be a celebration of Paisley and also John's work. I'm overjoyed about the [UK city of Culture 2021] bid as I think Paisley's history and people make it a special place." 

After a busy morning it was time to head back to the Citz to carry on rehearsals! 

 Cuttin' A Rug - Citizens Theatre -
Back row: Mark Barrett (Terry), Laurie Ventry (Willie Curry), Shaun Miller (Alan), Paul-James Corrigan (Spanky), Ryan Fletcher (Phil). Front row: Helen Mallon (Lucille), Anne Lacey (Mrs Walkinshaw), Scott Fletcher (Hector), Director Caroline Paterson,  Louise McCarthy (Bernadette). Image by Shiona Walker. 
Cuttin' A Rug is at the Citz from 8 Feb - 4 Mar, followed by a week-long stint at the King's Theatre, Edinburgh 7 Mar - 10 Mar. 

Cuttin' A Rug - part 2 of The Slab Boys trilogy -


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