Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A triumphant take on a Citizens classic

Our Main Stage Director in Residence, Gareth Nicholls, debuts at the Citizens with a thrilling production of Into That Darkness. Adapted by Robert David MacDonald, the play lays bare journalist Gitta Sereny's interviews with a convicted Nazi war criminal. Critics are calling the production a "triumph".

Cliff Burnett in Into That Darkness. Credit: Tim Morozzo

“superbly acted drama is a meticulous, compelling triumph”
The Guardian ★★★★★

“superb production… magnificently captured”
The Scotsman ★★★★★

“a production that will keep you engaged long after the house lights come up”
The Public Reviews ★★★★

“a thrillingly mesmeric meditation on human cruelty.”
The Herald ★★★★

“The ensemble is highly skilled and committed, with Duff in particular adding yet another beautifully textured portrait to her gallery of multifaceted women. “
The Times ★★★★

“painful, raw emotion carried beautifully by its two leads”

Blythe Duff and Molly Innes in Into That Darkness. Credit: Tim Morozzo

Audiences have been struck by the intense performances from Blythe Duff and Cliff Burnett, and the thought-provoking subject matter that looks into the very heart of evil.

Blythe Duff, Cliff Burnett and Molly Innes in Into That Darkness. Credit: Tim Morozzo

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