The Riverside Museum needs actors/extras

As part of the very exciting development of Glasgow’s new Riverside Museum (transport museum), 55 degrees are working with Glasgow Life to create “vintage” films of Glasgow.

Creative Commons photo by BigRedBall

They need to find some teenage boys and men to help with some filming this Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The details are below:

Looking for:

2 teenage boys (aged 14-16)
Rehearsing daytime Saturday 12/02 and
Filming daytime Sunday 13/02 

The boys will required to act small roles (one speaking part)
Minors must be accompanied by their own guardian.

Looking for:
5-6 men (aged 20-65)
1 teenage boy (aged 14-16)
Filming daytime Monday 14/02
The men will be drinkers in a pub, the teenager will play a paper boy.

Both films will have full hair, make-up and costume provided.

Unfortunately there is no payment for this work, but lunch will be provided and best of all, you will be commemorated in an installation at the new museum.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Susie Ironside by email.



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