Takin' over the airwaves - help us build a killer playlist

Takin' Over the Asylum is about a psychiatric hospital radio station. Their new DJ, Ready Eddie McKenna "Soul Survivor" has a box full of incredible soul and R&B records which form an amazing soundtrack for the show.

We grabbed a copy of the playlist from our production team and here in it's full glory is the soundtrack courtesy of Spotify, which features 28 tunes we're sure you'll enjoy.

TAKIN' OVER THE ASYLUM - Soundtrack to the Stage Show 

SOUL SURVIVORS - Add Your Requests

These tunes are great, but we know there are so many more Soul and R&B classics from the glory days of Motown and Stax. We want you to add your favourite tracks to our Soul Survivors playlist to build another crackin' playlist to get you through the week!

  • Download and create Spotify login
  • Search for "Soul Survivors" and click on our playlist
  • Click Subscribe
  • Add your favourite tracks (simply browse and drag onto playlist)
OR - just tell us on Facebook or Twitter and we'll add them.

by Donna Franceschild
A new stage version of the hit 90s BBC TV series

14 Feb - 9 Mar 2013
Citizens Theatre

13 Mar - 6 Apr
Lyceum Theatre

Cast includes: Iain Robertson, Brian Vernel, Helen Mallon, Caroline Paterson, Molly Innes, Grant O'Rourke, Martin McCormick, Gayle Madine, Gregor Firth and Lucy Hollis.