Reclaim your Facebook feed

Have you noticed that you are missing out on updates from many of the bands, organisations, venues and celebrities that you may follow on Facebook?

What is the point of signing up as a fan, if Facebook decides whether or not you get to see their news? Chances are you may not even realise how much you're missing out on. From news and competitions to great photos and banter from online communities.

We looked online and found a site that show you an easy way to make sure you see all the updates from your favourite "interests".

Here's what to do!

You can do this for friends as well as pages!

Increased interaction will keep updates in your news feed, but we know lots of you like to read news but not necessarily comment or 'like". So, if that's you, then hopefully this list idea will help to keep you in-the-know.

CC Picture by Sean McEntee on Flickr