Stewart and Scott talk about The Maids

Just released today - here's our new trailer for Jean Genet's The Maids.

Director/Designer Stewart Laing and guitar coach Scott Paterson (Sons & Daughters, The Kills) talk about our new production of Jean Genet's cult classic, The Maids, which opens next week...gulp!

The last time The Maids was performed in the Gorbals, at the Close Theatre, it was directed by Lindsay Kemp (who famously taught David Bowie mime) and starred Tim Curry. This time Stewart Laing will apply his unique aesthetic style to Genet's much-loved play, incorporating live music (from David Bowie, The Velvet Underground and Metallica) - tutored by Glasgow rock and roller Scott Paterson.

This play has a cult following, but deserves to reach new audiences. We hope Stewart's interpretation will be just the version to do that. This is a disconcerting play that will get you talking afterwards, not least because true to Genet's anarchic vision, the three female roles will all be played by young men.

For more on Jean Genet and Stewart's interpretation read Neil Cooper's preview article in THE HERALD.

17 Jan - 2 Feb 2013

Cast includes: Samuel Keefe, Ross Mann and Scott Reid.

Recommended for 16+
Adult themes, nudity & scenes of a sexual nature.