Love the Arts, Leave to the Arts

Love the arts, leave to the arts is a new initiative from Arts & Business Scotland to encourage art lovers to leave a legacy to a cultural organisation.
DURING FEBRUARY 2013 - you have the opportunity to get a basic Will written, or amended, free of charge by participating law firms if you leave a legacy to an arts charity taking part in Love the arts, Leave to the arts.

The Citizens Theatre is taking part in this initiative. By leaving a legacy, you could make a lasting contribution to scotland’s cultural landscape and help us reach even more people with our vital work. After you have provided for family and friends, leaving a percentage of your estate to the theatre will provide a gift that will keep on giving to new audiences and participants for many years to come.

We believe that theatre and the arts have an essential role to play in bringing about positive social change. Your gift could transform lives.

For more information and contacts for participating Scottish Law Firms, see Arts and Business.

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