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Citizens Theatre's iconic statues: Part 3 From restoration to glorious return

A pivotal moment Over the weekend of 19-20 August, our six iconic statues returned to the roof of the theatre; a momentous step as our redevelopment project enters its final phase, with reopening planned for 2024. An incredible amount of teamwork went into the historic lift which started during the week. Scottish sculptor, David J Mitchell, visited the site to give the statues a final tidy-up before their big moment. You can read more about the restoration process in part 2 of our statues series. David J Mitchell prepairing the statues. Photo by Graham Sutherland. Project contractors Kier brought in a specialist lifting team, Synergy, (and a very big crane!). Along with some very enthusiastic support from Citz staff, Gorbals residents and onlookers walking along Gorbals Street, the statues were lifted safely into position. Even the Glasgow weather behaved, despite threats of high winds in the morning! Ready for an exciting day on site! Guardians of art and community   For many, the

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