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The Gaza Monologues and the Citizens Theatre Young Co.

Our Head of Creative Learning, Catrin Evans, shares some insights into the reading of The Gaza Monologues as part of our Young Company’s weekly session on 29 November 2023. Two weeks ago, the Citizens Young Company Director and I became aware of the call from ASHTAR Theatre for theatre companies and youth groups across the world to join them in a global reading of The Gaza Monologues. A series of intensely moving testimonies created with ASHTAR Youth in 2010, after surviving the first war in the Gaza strip the year before. Since the monologues were first performed, they have gone on to be spoken and performed by thousands of people across the world, translated into 18 languages - acting as Ashtar’s reminder to the world of the suffering endured during that time, and the ongoing siege on Gaza “The Gaza Monologues”– (2010-2015) Student play     Reading the monologues in 2023 – in light of the horrific attacks in Israel and the unrelenting violence being inflicted upon the people of Gaz

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