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Staying connected with the Community Collective

The Community Collective is a key part of the Citizens Theatre's community work. The group meet on a Friday afternoon, using drama exercises and improvisation in imaginative ways to create theatre.  In March 2020 we had to cancel the drop-in sessions due to the Coronavirus pandemic but it was important that we remain connected with members. So, the group quickly adapted and found new ways of meeting virtually and working online.  One year on Neil Packham, who runs the Community Collective sessions with Elly Goodman, reflects on the past 12 months and how they've stayed creative. The Community Collective performing at the Summer Sessions 2019 . Photo by Karen Gordon. A year since our world changed and amongst many other things we lost the joyful, theatrical chaos and creativity of Friday afternoon and Community Collective sessions. However, we’ve continued to Zoom and Zoom and Zoom, exploring our new world of creativity on the screen and beyond! We’ve written many a pandemic in

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