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How lighting was used in The Macbeths: Q&A with Stuart Jenkins

Using a radically cut version of Shakespeare's text, The Macbeths charts the breakdown of the ambitious couple's relationship following an act of murder which at first binds them together and then destroys them.  Originally performed live in our intimate Circle Studio, this intense adaptation was later turned into a film for online audiences.  Alongside the film, we have created a series of educational resources to support Drama students. In this Q&A we talk to Lighting Designer Stuart Jenkins about how lighting was used to tell this story and the differences in lighting for stage or screen.  How was lighting used in the original stage production to create the atmosphere of the world of the Macbeths? Why were some of these choices made? Originally, Dominic (Hill, Director) was was thinking about doing the show under working lights, which does work, but I felt would lose some of the intensity and focus of the piece, so I designed a very simple basic rig where most of the

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