NTS announce Reveal 2012

In May, NTS return with Reveal - a season of promising new work including a full production, along with rehearsed readings, works-in-progress and a Scratch night.

The London Riots, performed by puppets;
a story spun by a Spider; a Gaelic divorce;
post-apocalyptical drama and
Mexican Reality TV are all part of Reveal 2012.

Roman Bridge (90mins)
2-12 May
Full production of a new play by Martin Travers, directed by Amanda Gaughan.
[Ed. Yes, our very own Martin from Citizens Learning!]

Feral (30mins)
1-3 May
A work-in-progress by Ross MacKay.

The Red Hourglass (1hr)
2-3 May
A rehearsed reading of a play by Alan Bissett.

Scratch Performances (1hr)
4 & 10 May
A platform for emerging artists to test excerpts or ideas.

Gaelic for Beginners (45mins)
4-5 May
A rehearsed reading of a play by Catriona Lexy Campbell.

Kasimir and Karoline (2hrs)
5 May
A rehearsed reading of a play translated and directed by Alan McKendrick.

The Great Disappointment of Santa Muerta (1hr)
10-12 May
A work-in-progress by Pony Pie, performed by Amanda Monfrooe.

Colour Me Read (90mins)
11-12 May
A rehearsed reading of a play by Stef Smith.

Prices vary for Roman Bridge (concessions available) and all of the rehearsed readings or works-in-progress cost just £2.50; so there's plenty of scope to come and see great new work from some of our most exciting new theatre-makers.

Amanda Gaughan, Alan Bissett, Amanda Monfrooe, Ross MacKay and Stef Smith were all participants in the Bank of Scotland’s Emerge Programme.

Lady Susan Rice, Managing Director of Lloyds Banking Group Scotland said:
"As an organisation we are committed to supporting emerging talent and the National Theatre of Scotland provides us with a number of platforms to engage and assist the next generation of theatrical practitioners. We very much look forward to seeing what the future holds for these bright young stars and are glad we can be part of that journey."

If you came to Reveal last year, you might be interested to know that Love Letters to the Public Transport System and Count Me In, which premiered at last year’s Reveal, will be touring Scotland this year. We'll let you know more info, when we get it.