Lights, camera.....

More missives from our man on the inside, Barrie Hunter...
Here’s another quick check-in from dressing room 7! It’s Thursday afternoon and we are currently finessing the technical side of shifting from scene to scene. Since last I blogged, I have the pleasure of announcing that we finished the tech rehearsals for Betrayal well within the scheduled sessions, so we were allowed the luxury of some time away from the theatre and arrived early evening last night to do the first of our dress rehearsals. I’m pleased to report that generally it all went fairly smoothly, and everyone seemed quite positive about the whole experience-good news!

As always though, there are still many elements to improve on, and Dominic and all the other departments are currently implementing these improvements as I type this missive. We are working towards our second dress rehearsal this evening, which I believe will be photographed, so I’d better shave my face and comb my hair for that. The mood in the camp though all seems very positive, which is always a lovely thing at this stage of the proceedings.

I have to go now, as I hear over my little tinny tannoy, that they are approaching a moment that I am involved in, in a scene-shifty stylee! When next I blog, we will be 2 dress rehearsals down, and 1 more to go before we perform the play before a preview audience tomorrow evening….YIKES!!


PS…..I am tremendously pleased to announce that all corkscrews, plates, cutlery, glasses and bottles behaved impeccably, and I only hope that gravity doesn’t interfere further in my onstage prop-based travails……only time will tell, and of course, you will be the first to know……..