Another week in the big Betrayal house

Well, dear reader, another week has past in the Big Betrayal house, and I would like to start by apologising for not checking in sooner - most remiss of me! The last week seems to have disappeared before my very eyes, and here we are in the final week of the run-BOO!

Barrie working his magic
Last week got off to a great start, as we gathered before the first show of the week to gird our loins with a spot of the old Keepie Uppie-and smashed our previous record with an extraordinary 430-yep, 430!!!!! We took this as a good omen for the week, which was borne out, as we had another run of shows with big audiences and lovely responses. This culminated in our first, and only, 2 show day of the run, which was a busy way to end the week. We celebrated the weekend by a couple of post show refreshments in Sharkey’s, which was choc-a-bloc due to it being St Patrick’s Day. We escaped the mayhem and repaired north of the river for some quieter quarters - Boteco Brazilian Bar - more mayhem ensued!

Hywel and Neve contemplate life without Barrie, post Betrayal

As we venture through our final week together, I personally am saddened by my potential lack of socialising with the rest of the team, as I started rehearsals in Perth [Ed. For A Play, A Pie and a Pint's Cold Turkey at Nanas] on Monday, so need to be up and at ‘em in the morning, thus curtailing my post show activities - at least that’s the plan. I shall keep you abreast of developments on that, and other fronts, before signing off from the Blogosphere at the end of the week…..miss you already……*sniff, sob*…….

A drink to 430!!

Ed. We just added some new photos by Richard Campbell in the Betrayal set on Flickr.