Singing for our Supper

We're deep into the last week of rehearsals for A Day in the Death of Joe Egg and it's all coming together now, with all the little details and touches slotting into place. We've had a fantastic time on this hilarious play, having such good times in rehearsals that it'll be sad when we finally open. Though we're getting to that stage when the excitement and nerves really set in, having only 4 full days of rehearsals left before the tech begins. Nerve wrecking to think that!

Wednesday was an unusual day, as after a long hunt with several departments of the Citz scouring Glasgow. Today a small crack team of Citz Sound Commandos (working title for an upcoming mini-series, CSC) headed to a local school to record some gorgeous angelic singing. This was for a particular key and lovely moment in the play that needed the singing talents of a young choir to get it right. And luckily the Hyndland Secondary 3rd Year Chamber Choir were kind enough to volunteer their time and talent to our cause.

So I went along with Laura and Paul on a grey and windy day from the Citz to Hyndland Secondary and were guided through the labyrinthine corridors until we arrived at one of the drama rooms and awaited the choir. A really talented group of singers who sung fantastic versions of Once in Royal David's City and Hark the Herald Angels Sing. So good were they that we got them in two takes each. The first takes only stopping for a mysterious hammering sound coming from the heart of the school.

With a few great recordings under our belt we quick footed it back to the Citz for more rehearsals and a cuppa tea. You can hear the efforts of the Hyndland Secondary 3rd Year Chamber Choir deep in the second act, worth coming along just for that! That and the fantastic acting!

Hope you enjoy the show.

Assistant Director

[Ed. I'm liking the sound of "Citz Sound Commandos" I think we should approach Channel 4!]

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