The Origins of A Day in the Death of Joe Egg

We delved into the Citizens archive and the treasure trove that is the Scottish Theatre Archive to find out more about A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, which was considered by many to be ground-breaking at the time. Original cast member Joe Melia described the production:

"like playing West End Comedy and Ibsen at the same time"

The Times in 1967 said:

"This is one of the rare occasions on which audiences can feel the earth moving under their feet...treating an intensely painful taboo subject with absolute truthfulness and yet without alienating the public...Peter Nichols and a dazzling cast have significantly shifted our boundaries of taste."

You can flick through our compendium of 'Joe Egg' facts on Issuu, which features letters between Nichols and Blakemore, 1967 press cuttings, company info and behind-the-scenes insights on the Joe Egg 'controversy'.

We open this week and are delighted to have Peter Nichols and the original director Michael Blakemore with us for the grand opening on Friday night. They will take part in a fascinating (free) post show discussion. You can still get tickets here.