Behind the scenes with Joe Egg

What a great way to start the week. Along with Toad's Caravan, we set up a make-shift film studio in a rehearsal room and got up close and personal with the Director (Phillip Breen) and 3 cast members from A Day in the Death of Joe Egg.

First up, Phillip set the bar exceedingly high with his matching scarf and sock ensemble!

He let us into the secret that he'd been thinking how perfect 'Joe Egg' would be for our auditorium, when he directed here for The Caretaker (in 2008). Little did he realise at the time that this was in fact the stage where it first premiered in 1967.

His natural love of Peter Nichol's play shone through in the interview. From his perspective, the cast are all working extremely well and things are shaping up nicely.
Miles Jupp (of Balamory and The Thick of It fame) told us of the somewhat interesting non-human characters in the show - you'll have to book a ticket to find out what - and told us how Miriam is cracking him up at lunchtimes (Ed. we're jealous!). Sarah Tansey gave us an impassioned insight into her character Sheila's determination and got us all properly psyched to see the production.

Finally Miriam Margolyes revealed her family connection to Glasgow, in fact to the Gorbals. She also talked of seeing the original 'Joe Egg' production that transferred from Glasgow to London's West End back in the late 60s and how it had her roaring with laughter.

All of our interviewees are having a great time with the comedic aspects of the play, descriptions of which range from stand-up and farce to situational and black comedy.

Our short interview trailer should be live early next week!

19 October - 12 November 2011
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