"the nearest I got to the Beatles"

Kathleen has written in to tell us about her Glasgow Fair holidays in Ayr with her mum, dad and sometimes Aunt Sadie and Uncle Jimmy.

"It was just a lovely feeling...We always went to Ayr because that was where my mum had gone when she was wee. Come to think of it, I never heard of where my dad went!

We had a wee yellow Ford Anglia and used to park at the huge car par on the frotnt. We had a wee primus stove and always had tea from that and sandwiches, never a trip to a cafe. At that time there was a huge shop there and it was like being let loose in a plastic heaven where you could buy a bucket(very fancy shaped like a castle) and a spade or boat.

I remember these holidays mainly because I had my first taste of theatre going there-at the wonderful Ayr Gaiety. I saw comedian Billy Rusk and Betty Melville and thought they were wonderful. There was also a boy band, 'The Starlites' and they were the nearest I got to the Beatles.

I remember one day we had a special treat-lunch at Hourstons, very posh shop and who was there in the tearoom but Betty Melville and Stuart Sherwin and they came over and talked to us. They must have wondered what was wrong with this wee wean who who just stared open mouthed at them! I couldn't believe these magical beings from bright lights and sparkle land were actually flesh and blood. All I can say is, I was very young!"

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