It was magic...two weeks off!

We're gathering your stories and memories of Glasgow Fair to hopefully use in our forthcoming community production Fair Friday. We just added a form to our website which makes it really easy for you to submit your memories.

Why not chat to your grandparents and ask them what they remember. If you submit a story, you could win tickets for the show and a family tickets for the Paddle Steamer Waverley.

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Our first submission via the online form is utterly fantastic -

"I can always remember hanging off the back of the Waverley and waving to folk on the pier - god knows who we were waving to, but it felt a wee bit like being in a movie, setting sail for somewhere exotic. I can remember when the factories closed for the Fair - it was magic! We used to get a half day to clean the machines, oil them etc for the factory being closed. We would all run out at the end of the shift, screaming like banshees - two weeks off?! I remember in the fair we would also go on things called 'Paddy Black' trips. It was an organisation in Glasgow, and he would run trips for less fortunate children. I remember, 1929, I was five years old, and my mother sent me on a 'Paddy Black' trip. It was a horse and cart ride from Kinning Park (McCleland St) to Glasgow Green. The horse and cart used was normally used by the coalman, and I remember my white summer dress being manky with coal dust. Sounds prehistoric now."

Go find some stories/memories and send them our way.

Citizens Community Company
7-11 June 2011


Photo (adapted from an original image) by Ben Ward