Top Girls in Japan - by Ros

A year ago when I joined the Citz as trainee director I blithely offered to contribute to the citz blog. I didn’t know what a blog was, I was just trying to be ingratiating.

One year later I am no longer Trainee Director, my learner plates have been torn from me and I’m a fully fledged freelancer. Thankfully the Citz have dragged me back from oblivion. They are sending me to Japan on Monday, working in association with the Citz in the small city of Tottori (West mainland, near Hiroshima) on a community production of Top Girls.

The Citz is turning Japanese- yes I do know what that song was referring to. So, to keep you citizens informed as to their cultural imperialism I thought I should start the much belated blog.

I’ve read the play, and the weather forecast. I’ve met with my charming translator Mikiyo and discovered we share a passion for David Bowie (so the long haul flight with a comparative stranger will be a stardust breeze).

Most importantly I have been educated in the ‘exchange of business cards’ ritual and am awaiting my first ever batch of business cards. Apparently you’re a no-body in Japan if you are cardless. I hope they arrive on time.

Keep you posted. X


[Ed: Sounding good so far...better late than never eh?...I heard presents are important as well, so hope you've got plenty of See-You-Jimmy hats packed!?]