Welcome Jonathan...


Allow me to introduce myself - I am Jonathan Dunn, and on Monday September 6th, I started at the Citizens Theatre as session 2010-11’s Actor Intern! So no doubt, you’ll be seeing and hearing rather a lot from me over the coming 12 months!

I auditioned for this position at the beginning of the summer, before traipsing off to San Francisco for three months to work in a summer camp for the blind and visually impaired, as a performing arts leader.

I arrived back in haste last weekend, and have spent this week settling into my new abode. This was also the first week for new Director Intern, Amanda Gaughan. On Monday we begin rehearsals for “A Clockwork Orange.” which I’m sure you all will be hearing much more about over the coming weeks! I’m super excited about the coming year, and look forward to sharing my experiences at the theatre with you all, through means of a weekly blog!