Want to be in our gang? (...and get an exclusive discount)

D-day...I mean QR day!

I have been barely able to contain my excitement about our special campaign launched today. If you have a smartphone (or have a friend with one!), we are offering you a very special discount on tickets for A Clockwork Orange.

All you need to do is download a QR scanner app and find our posters around Glasgow. We can't tell you where, but they shouldn't been too tough to find!

When you find one, scan the QR (quick response) code and it will give you a secret discount code to get a whopping 2 for 1 on tickets (even concessions*).

I'm pretty sure this means the future has arrived!! It's funny how something so straightforward can bring you such fun. Seriously, give it a go. Good luck.

*See http://bit.ly/OurGang for offer terms and further help on how to take part.