Working in the Marketing Dept you don't don't often get the chance to be involved directly in the creative process, we're more observers and our creativity comes to the fore through our marketing materials and tactics. So when I heard that the Citizens were working on a new community opera with Scottish Opera, On the Rim of the World, and were looking for folks to get involved - I couldn't resist! On Monday night I went along to audition with the the lovely Elly Goodman, who is drama artist at the Citz and takes our Nightschool classes.

I went along with Suzie, who works in our box office and also loves to sing, and just like in the days of primary school it was nice to have a friend to go in with. There was a real mix of people at the session we attended this evening, which was great – even though there were only nine of us, we represented young and old, those who sing in choirs and a few folk who just came to see what it was all about. After the introductions, a run-down of the story and a few warm up exercises, Elly handed over the reigns to SO’s repetiteur, Matt, to put us through our paces!

The music, written by esteemed composer Orlando Gough, is interestingly jangly and while in theory it shouldn’t work, the clashes and dischordance are what makes it quite intoxicating.

It’s a lot of years since I’ve sung in such a formal ‘choir’ setting and I have to admit it gave me a bit of a thrill. By the time we were singing a Congolese welcome song as a three part round (in what I think was fairly respectable harmony given our small numbers!) I was hooked. There’s nothing that lifts my heart and spirit like a beautiful harmony and being one of the voices that creates it.

I hope that I’m lucky enough to be involved in this project as it progresses!!

PS - Do you enjoy singing too? It's not too late to get involved - we're still looking for adults and children to get involved. There's another chance to audition on Monday 11 October - more info.