The ubiquitous girl...

I've been monitoring the twittersphere for mentions of our show The Girl in the Yellow Dress. Since it's still out in South Africa, I like to keep abreast of what's being said, before it hits our shores.

But, it's been really interesting just how many times people refer to "the girl in the yellow dress"...obviously nothing to do with the show. She seems to be a pretty magical girl. Here's a few of my recent favourites.

Darrynl: Had an awesome time on the dancefloor with the most stunning girl in a yellow dress at 80's on Wed night! :)

WordsOfaHooker: To the girl in the yellow dress and plastic sunglasses biking down Milwaukee with flowers in her bike basket: you are amazinggg!

WithLoveJoyce: @HayzLuvsJB omg:D man I love Kevin n glee and Travis. I had a dream I was the lucky girl in the yellow dress in their video of that girl :D

scottrougeux: FML DUDE!!! but at least "she" brightened my day, the girl in the yellow dress.

: @raywj, ray ,,, you willl find the girl wearing the yellow dress in hinchi pinchi to be very .. how do we put it .. mmm ... aTTractive ..

Photo by spikeyhelen

Plus, for no reason other than, I fancied it, I made a Flickr gallery of some nice pics of girls in yellow dresses.