Brand new iPhone App for Glasgow

There's a brand new iPhone app for Glasgow. It's called "The Style Mile" and although this sounds very fashion-focussed, and possible geographically limited, it's actually got loads of great info about shopping, attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels and going out right across the city.

It's totally free. I just downloaded it and had a bit of a play about. The shopping (which is really well categorised) seems mainly to be City Centre, which will act as a brilliant guide for city visitors, but the venues (...which I checked for obvious reasons!) are spread much wider than the City Centre.

All entries tell you a bit about the business, provide contact details, links to websites and a map.

It's very well put together and is really smooth to nav.

I'd definitely recommend checking this out, especially as it will fill over time with promotions from the listed businesses.

You can download it now from the App Store. Find out more on iTunes.