Praise for Ghosts keeps pouring in...

We're delighted to have received another 4* review for Ghosts in today's The List, as well as a highly complimentary review in the Sunday Herald. See below what they had to say:

'Jason Southgate's picture-perfect drawing room set, naturalistic lighting and period costumes lure us into a false sense of security, but we are quickly jolted out of our complacency by the intensity of the play, whose bleak conclusions still have the power to unsettle.

...the energy with which the cast attack their roles is infectious. There's a strong turn from Billy Mack as Engstrand... but it is from the intense central relationship between Mrs Alving and her son Oswald that this production derives its power. Maureen Beattie and Steven Robertson are compelling in those roles, the partnership deelivering a conclusion that is as moving as it is harrowing.' THE LIST ****

'In the opening stages of Raison's production (which enjoys a splendid, lively translation by Amelia Bullmore and a beautifully naturalistic set by Jason Southgate), the sense of lethargy is almost irritating. It is, however, entirely in keeping with Ibsen's intent, all the better for the cataclysm to come.

'Maureen Beattie is magnificent. Her Mrs Alving turns from respectable stoic to awesome truth teller, pulling down the entire Alving family myth as if she were some great, female Samson. Her nuanced, emotionally explosive playing never overshadows the other actors. Rather, Beattie's acting enhances the contributions of a universally fine cast; Kevin McMonagle is perfect as the appalled and outraged priest, whilst Elspeth Brodie impresses as the coquettish and indignant Regine.' SUNDAY HERALD ****