News from Sweden

Hi from Örebro, Sweden

We are right in the middle of our final day of rehearsals in Länsteatern, working on It Must Be Love, an accordion is being played in the background by Alena, along with Björn and Anna Körin on guitar. There is a wonderful spirit of friendship and collaboration in the room. The Community Company from the Citizens are totally embracing the opportunity, there have been so many adventures and now we are building to our ultimate moment of this marvellous experience with the sold out performance tomorrow at 4pm. Let's hope there will be fireworks like we saw last night in front of the castle to celebrate spring.

It was Patricia's birthday yesterday and she was overwhelmed by the group singing, flowers and cake, it was an amazing moment, one I'm sure she will never forget along with the rest.

We have now moved onto to rehearsing Looking Back, a scene written by the senior member of our company Rena Hood, if only she could be here to see Marianne perform it, but then I also want Catherine Chan and Theresa to see their pieces performed in Swedish!

It will be so sad when our journey comes to an end here in Örebro, we have all been treated so well...Oh I have to go and organise lunch, it is a public holiday celebrating May Day and everything is closed but the sun is out so who cares.

Neil and Elly