Clydeside Adventure

Our great “My Clydeside Valentine Adventure” “Gone Like the Wind” and our dear sisters and brothers went back home. But we still have the warm feeling that they left in our hearts. It was more than a theatre production that two countries have been involved... It was more than a cooperation and Braw Partnership. 20 people from Glasgow and Örebro did an amazing work in 3 days. Yes in just 3 days! It is hard to believe.

They all did it with love, with theatre love. Love was in the air during the rehearsal time. The group felt like they had been working together for a long time. Dear Neil, Elly and I were surprised. Are you Dancin'? and The Rollerettes scenes were the first ones to try in front of the journalists under the flash lights. These people had never met and rehearsed before but they played those scenes perfectly at their first try. I remember the night when my inspiration angels woke me up and came with this idea. How could it be to play in the same production with Glaswegian and Swedish actors on the same stage? I told my crazy idea to Tomas and Neil. They are crazy like me and said yes! Different languages, different countries… The actors will rehearse away from eachother and then will meet and do all the work just in 3 days. Thanks Dear Neil, Elly and all friends in Citizens Theatre and 14* Teater Projekt of Länsteatern!

All of us have had the most exciting theatre experience in our life. We did a great performance that I still get feedbacks and compliments. We saw and showed how “Theatre Love” can connect the people in the world. We are looking forward to meet you for our second adventure in Glasgow at Citizens Theatre soon. Thanks for being here and sharing this adventure with us, see you very soon …

Nurten Eriksson