That was a Wicked Christmas

The past few weeks have been a frenzy of activity as the Community Company prepared for Wicked Christmas 2. Rehearsals were fast, furious and a load of fun. Lines were learnt and some were forgotten, actors went off to wardrobe and returned as elves, some returned as prostitutes, Aunties Christmas jumpers had to be knitted and stage management had to wrap up the presents and make sure the pixie dust worked. It was as busy as Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve.

By the magic of theatre everything was ready for the opening night. It was wonderful for the 19 actors to perform in front of a new audience, I had used my laughter up during rehearsals and they needed someone else to be amused by it. The Circle Studio was packed on the first night, many of the scenes received spontaneous applause and I’m sure the audience believed Katya and Sean were ice-skating in George Square. The response from the sold out audience at every performance was excellent and I’m very proud of what was achieved both by the actors and the 9 writers. They all deserve a visit from Santa this year and their stockings filled !!

Sadly all that remains of Wicked Christmas 2 is a bit of old tinsel, unopened empty presents, now spread beneath the Citizens tree, abandoned elf hats, flurries of paper snow and fond memories of Fran delivering the immortal line” I would nae mind shagging Santa !”

Have a wicked wan yersel and make sure you book early for Wicked Christmas 3…