Corporate Training Events

Brand new for 2008, the Citizens’ Theatre is introducing Corporate Training Events. For more info about either of the courses below, contact: Louise Brown on 0141 418 6273 /

7 February and 25 April 2008 2-5pm
This workshop shows you how to project an air of confidence even when you don’t feel it. By using a variety of physical and vocal techniques we’ll explore how to remain calm, focused and engaged in the moment. As a result you’ll not only look and sound more confident, but feel much better too.

8 February and 24 April 2008 2-5pm
What is it about an actor’s voice that makes us listen? How can we use our own voice more effectively? Whether you’re networking one to one, speaking to a group of colleagues or addressing a cast of thousands, this workshop will give you the vocal skills to make more impact.