Behind the Scenes

NAME: Suzanne Pirrie
JOB TITLE: Box Office Assistant /Front of House

Key Responsibilities: To sell and process bookings for tickets. Provide show information. Answer the phone A LOT! Also as part of the box office team we take turns on stage door where we are responsible for who is in and out of the building! Sorting mail and taking deliveries (Some Weird things go in and out this building) Best part is you get to meet all the cast and crew of all the productions not to mention a few famous faces along the way!

How long have you worked at the Citizens? 2 years. Feels longer in a good way.

Did you have to train specifically to do your job? I did train in theatre but not specifically for my job. I did a HND in Acting and Performance. I also worked in a cinema for 6 years so that is where l gained my box office and ushering expertise. As I have been involved in the arts from the age of 11 I always wanted to work in Theatre. What’s your favourite thing about your job? No 2 days are the same!!! There is always something different going on. There is always an intriguing prop going past or an actor in costume zooming by. Also booking in customers and actually seeing them enjoy the performance is always worthwhile.

What’s your least favourite thing about your job? Early mornings in the cold. Having to describe what restricted viewing seats are without making them sound dodgy!

My hero is… If I have to pick I would say Audrey Hepburn. She was an amazing actress and did so much with her children’s charity. She use her fame to help benefit others not to mention she is a style icon for many generations.

You probably don’t know this about me, but… I have a brother aged 19 and two Sisters at 9 &10. I fear my cat is secretly planning to suffocate me in my sleep! I am a front of house manager in another theatre! No rest for the wicked. I played Cinderella and a fairy sometimes in the same day in two different shows when doing schools Christmas tours! Phew it was hard work!

My first ever album was… mmm? First song I liked was Aha, Take on me! I think my first Album was probably Kylie or Jason I was born in the 80’s.

My desert island luxury would be… MP3 Player I wish I could… Play the guitars that I own! Go Travelling.