SOS - #SaveOurStatues

To mark International Women's Day 2018, we are celebrating our inspirational muses, who have been watching over our foyer for several years. 

The Citizens Theatre Muses with Robert Burns & William Shakespeare, 1977
By John Crallan
The muses were created specifically for the Palace Theatre, which shared a frontage with the Citizens Theatre, by sculptor John Mossman. Mossman is responsible for many of the public statues in Glasgow, including the statues of Robert Burns and William Shakespeare which also stand in our foyer.

The statues represent the inspiration the muses have provided in the fields of Music (Euterpe), Comedy (Thalia), Tragedy (Melpomene) and Dance (Terpsichore).

They lived on top of the Palace Theatre until 1977 when the building was demolished. 

Citz Exterior Facade, 1977 by John Crallan

The muses, as well as the statues of Burns and Shakespeare, were rescued before the Palace's demolition by members of the company, who recognised their historical significance and their vital connection to the origins of the theatre. They later found a new home in the Citizens Theatre. 

Shakespeare being rescued from The Palace roof, 1977

As part of our redevelopment we'll be returning them to pride of place on top of the building, but they need a bit of TLC first! The muses have suffered over the years and require substantial restoration. Our planned conservation work will preserve the statues and improve their appearance by:
  • Restoring missing and damaged parts
  • Removing paint spots
  • Preventing water damage at vulnerable locations

Artist impression of redeveloped Citizens Theatre, set to open to the public in late 2020 

The restoration of each muse will cost £10,000. With just 100 donations of £100 each, we can save one of the muses, return them to their rightful place and ensure they keep inspiring future generations of theatregoers and Glaswegians.

If you'd like to contribute to the Citizens' redevelopment campaign and help #SaveOurStatues you can make a donation of £100, or any amount, here. 

The restoration of our muses is part of our wider building redevelopment to conserve, repair and expand our much loved home in the Gorbals. To find out more about the project please visit