Behind the Scenes with This Restless House: part two!

Olivia Morgan aka Electra is back to share another week of her adventures in rehearsals for This Restless House.

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Phew, well that was the week that was. Tech week. For parts two and three. 

It was exciting to be on our stage after 7 weeks of rehearsal. It looks spectacular. An incredible set that is suitably versatile to house all three plays. And our lighting designer Ben, is having fun changing the mood for each part.  

Lighting Designer Ben Ormerod surveys lighting. Image by Alex Brady

It's joyous to play on this stage but you can also feel like a clumsy oaf as, like all productions, there are always things to get used to. No matter how good a mark up is in a rehearsal room, things just feel different on the actual stage. So, sometimes we change our entrances, our exits, our positioning in order to make sense of it all.  And sometimes aspects of the set are such fun to use that they begin to have a lot more prominence in the show.  I'm not going to reveal what these will be ;)  The Citizens has a raked stage which definitely takes a bit of getting used to, especially in the spectacular DM's that Electra shall be sporting.  
This Restless House at the Citizens Theatre, 2016
Photos: Tim Morozzo
As the week progresses our dressing room seems to accrue more biscuits and snacks in a bid to combat the long hours.  And everyone seems most thankful to the learning department and Young Co. who provide the tea and cakes for the Citizens' weekly tradition...  Homemade Scones!  Nice.

This Restless House at the Citizens Theatre, 2016
Photos: Tim Morozzo

We have the morning off on Saturday to prepare for a dress of part two and then a dress of both part two and three.  It is the first time we have run the two in consecutive order.  It is so useful to see how the two plays bleed into each other.  Literally.  

Next week, tech part one....!

22 April - 14 May