Behind the Scenes with This Restless House

Olivia Morgan takes on the fascinating role of Electra in Zinnie Harris' new trilogy This Restless House based on Greek tragedy The Oresteia. Here she gives us an insight into the day-to-day life of rehearsing a show at the Citz. 

Thursday 7th April

This Restless House.  Three parts.  Seven weeks rehearsal and we are into our penultimate week. 
It's high stakes, relentless, full-on action. There is no escape and not much pause for rest. Restless indeed!

We are in the knitting-together week and it is so enjoyable to watch scenes I'm not involved with run into one another and simultaneously be able to grasp a better understanding of Electra's journey over the whole of the three parts.

Today was full on.  

In for ten and working through till half eight in the evening. I'm being used quite a lot and it is quite technical. There are a lot of scene changes that will reach their full potential when lighting and scenery comes flying in so I have to imagine a fair bit of what the eventual stage picture will look like.  

Meanwhile the stage is being dressed for tech rehearsals next week

Everyone is contributing all the time in these plays, whether you are the one with all the lines, thrashing and flailing about on a bed (me) or the one who is providing the terrifying noises as a soundtrack.  It makes for a lovely feeling of collaboration in the room.

We have a couple of hours rehearsal with the girls playing young Electra and young Iphigenia in the evening so we jump from rehearsing part three back to part one then onto part three again. It's incredible watching these young girls work and it is always a breath of fresh air when they come in.  After dinner we look at a dance number.  Drums are banged, guitars are twanged and I'm counting 1-8 so intently I might actually be in time...  

By the end,  I'm knackered, and I am one hundred percent certain that the Easter egg waiting at home will be devoured tonight...

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22 April - 14 May