True West Corrals the Reviews

The reviews for True West have been rounded up, and there's more stars than on the ol' Stars and Stripes*. If you've not made it along yet you've got until Sat 16 November to book your tickets and catch it

*technically, there aren't quite as many stars as the 50 on the American flag . But there's still quite a lot.

"A tremendously vivid and disturbing experience" The Scotsman 
"A sure fire smash" The Public Reviews 
"Sam Shepard revival comes to life" The Herald

"[Alex] Ferns, especially, commandeers a dangerous rock 'n' roll energy." The Guardian 
"An outstanding performance from Eugene O'Hare" The Times 
"Good, raucous fun" Across the Arts
"Laughter is guaranteed" The Journal

"Shepard's script is so funny and lightly drawn, and Ferns' and O'Hare's double act so cleverly constructed, that it's not until you are in the car park that it dawns: this is an inter-generational family tragedy. The chill comes afterwards, like the brothers' hangovers." The Independent 

Audiences, too have been taking twitter to tell everyone how much they loved the show. And to talk about their toast cravings. 

True West is at the Citizens Theatre until 16 November. Book tickets and find out more at 

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